2017 Primary “Choose the Right”
2017 Primary “Choose the Right”

2017 Primary “Choose the Right”

Choose the Right
“Choose you this day whom ye will serve; . . . but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

Joshua 24:15


Well I think I have everything up for now, if you are looking for something, just email me and let me know!  


Theme: Agency Is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves
Scripture: "Wherefore, men are free… to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men." 2 Nephi 2:27
Song: As a Child of God (new song in the outline)
Theme: When We Choose the Right, We Are Blessed
Scripture: "If ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you." Mosiah 2:22
Song: Choose the Right, Hymns 239
Theme: Living Prophets Teach Me to Choose the Right
Scripture: "O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom in the youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God." Alma 37:35
Song: Stand for the Right, CS 159
Theme: Jesus Christ Teaches Me to Choose the Right
Scripture: "For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you." John 13:15
Song: Song of your choice about Jesus Christ from the Children's Songbook
Theme: I Choose the Right When I Am Baptized and Confirmed a Member of the Church
Scripture: "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." Acts 2:38
Song: When I Am Baptized, CS 103
Theme: I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles
Scripture: "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." 1 Nephi 3:7
Song: Nephi's Courage, CS 120-121
Theme: I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles
Scripture: "Wherefore, let us be faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord." 1 Nephi 3:36
Song: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man, CS 281 –or– a song of your choice from the Children's Songbook
Theme: I Choose to Fill My Life with Things That Invite the Spirit
Scripture: "If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." Articles of Faith 1:13
Song: I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus, CS 78-79
Theme: The Ten Commandments Teach Me to Love God and His Children
Scripture: "If thou lovest me thou shalt serve me and keep all my commandments." Doctrine & Covenants 42:29

Theme: Blessings of the Priesthood Are Available to All
Scripture: "And also all they who receive this priesthood receive me, saith the Lord." Doctrine & Covenants 84:35
Theme: I Can Choose to Be a Missionary Now
Scripture: "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

Theme: Jesus Christ Is The Son of God
Scripture: "Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am the life and light of the world." Doctrine & Covenants 11:28