Class Doorhangers with 2017 Theme
Class Doorhangers with 2017 Theme

Class Doorhangers with 2017 Theme

These come in a PDF file,  They are also available as images that you can download and place in a document and print what ever size you want!
Thanks to Chalen for this great idea last year, no need to tape signs up, just hang them on the door knobs, quick and easy for both putting them up and taking them down!
The ones that have the white blank area you can add teachers names and students names if you want!

1. Add text to images or PDF file,  if desired. (see help area for help with this)
2. Print on regular paper or card stock.
3. Cut along solid lines, creating a circular area to hang over door knob or handle.
4. Hang on door knob
or handle.

Need help know How to add text to an image? Click Here

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