Sharing Time Ideas for 2017
Sharing Time Ideas for 2017

Sharing Time Ideas for 2017

Each week, plan ways to (1) identify the doctrine, (2) help the children understand
it, and (3) help them apply it in their lives.

1. Identify the doctrine. Clearly introduce the
doctrine that the children will be learning.
Consider ways to do this verbally and visually.
(For some examples, see the lessons for the third week in May and the second week in August.) 2. Encourage understanding. Ensure that the
children gain a deeper understanding of the
doctrine through a variety of teaching methods
that engage them in learning, such as singing
songs, role-playing, and reading scriptures.
3. Encourage application. Give the children
opportunities to apply the doctrine in their
lives. Consider how they can express feelings
about or set a goal related
to the doctrine.
This booklet provides complete lessons for some of the weeks in the year. Ideas, but not complete lessons, are included for the other weeks. Supplement those ideas with some of your own. You can get ideas by reading other lessons in this booklet. When there is a fifth Sunday, use this time to review previous lessons. The Spirit can guide you as you plan and prepare activities for lessons.
Work with the music leader as you prepare your lessons. Singing songs will help reinforce the doctrines you are teaching. Occasionally you may invite teachers and their classes to help you with parts of the gospel instruction.