I Am a Child of God Bingo
I Am a Child of God Bingo

I Am a Child of God Bingo

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I want to get information about each of our Primary children and display it on our board, so everyone can learn about our children of God. To get the information, I made up a Bingo game to play with the children. I'm planning on playing this next Sunday, so I can't tell you if it's a hit or not yet, but I wanted to share the idea. The Bingo sheet has questions that the children will answer as the questions are drawn, so instead of putting a marker on the square, the children will answer the question. The first child to get Bingo will get his/her picture taken, which will be displayed on the bulletin board with their information (when I get both printed and ready) and then the child can finish filling out their Bingo card as they wait for the game to end. We'll keep playing the game until all of the children get Bingo and get their picture taken. I'm hoping to have all of the questions answered by the end of Primary.

Keep up the great work on your site!

Joey Erickson
1st Counselor Primary Presidency
Ellsworth Branch
Bangor, Maine Stake