Baptism Towel Poems

My Baptism Towel

This baptism towel is to help remind you

Of your baptism day all the years through.

When you come out of the water all clean and pure,

Dry off with this towel and you can be sure,

That you are as clean as this towel is white.

And the Holy Ghost will be with you both day and night.

For the Holy Ghost is your gift after the laying on of hands,

And will be a comfort and a guide if you obey God’s commands.

This CTR emblem will help remind you to be strong

As you continue to learn right from wrong.

When your towel becomes soiled, remember that we, too,

May sometimes make mistakes and we’ve been taught just what to do.

Just as you can wash your towel so it can again be clean,

The wrongs you make can be washed away and never again be seen.

Your Heavenly Father loves you, remember always to pray,

And He will be beside you for forever and a day. ”

When I come from the water all wet and clean,

My sins will have been washed away,

And then I will want to be wrapped in the warmth

of my towel, this baptism day.

I’ll dry and I’ll wait for the gift that will come,

I’ll wait for the words as we pray.

I’ll wait and I’ll want to be wrapped

in the warmth of the Holy Ghost, this special day.

When I reach for my towel to dry my wet skin,

May I always remember these days.

These days that I chose to follow the Lord,

To be wrapped in the warmth of His ways.