“It’s Great to Be Eight” Poem – to give with pack of gum

By Diane Barker (thanks for sharing)

We attached the poem to a cellophane bag that help a package of Trident White chewing gum. The poem refers to being dressed in “White” and “Chewsing”. We also gave the children the picture of Jesus Christ being baptized by John the Baptist in a simple two dollar frame.


Thank You for coming to *It’s Great to be Eight*

Your Baptism is a day to eagerly await

For that big day you*ll know how to prepare

Make sure that all White is what you wear

This gum can remind you of what you are *chewsing*

The gift of Free Agency is what you are using

Put this picture nearby so it can remind you

That Christ is our example in all we do

The Ordinance of Baptism is what we all need

So on the path back to God we can proceed

To gain salvation this is ordinance number one

By Authority of the Holy Priesthood it will be done

When confirmed you*ll receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost

We hope he becomes the one you listen to the most

You*ll also be joining the only true church on the earth

Your membership throughout your life will be of great worth

Then partake of the Sacrament at church each week to renew

The covenants made between Heavenly Father and you

Prepare every day with the scriptures you read

Say your prayers morn and night for help that you need

Both at home and at Primary, remember all you*ve been taught

We hope you*ll be giving your Baptism a lot of thought.

Written by Diane Baker