Make your own CTR pens
Make your own CTR pens

Make your own CTR pens

CTR pen

Here is an easy gift idea to make for teachers. 1)  After printing the paper, prepare a pen with a clear barrel.  I used a Pentel RSVP pen and unscrewed the bottom.  The gold ink on the barrel can be removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  2)  Roll pen insert around a narrow tube – a skewer works great for this.  3)  Carefully place curled insert into pen barrel.  Remove and trim if necessary. 4) Screw parts of pen back together.

*For non-commercial use only.  May print and distribute as many as you’d like as gifts.*

Christy W.
Afton, WY

CTR pen make CTR pen


pdfctrpeninsert.pdf5.93 MB

CTR pen insert spanish w

pdfctr pen insert spanish.pdf291.06 KBCTR pen insert b spanish

pdfCTR pen insert b spanish.pdf318.8 KB



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