A Haunting We Will Go

A Haunting We Will Go


CUB SCOUTS:  “We’ll do our best”
WITCHES:  High shrill laugh
GHOSTS:  “Whooooooooooooooo”
BLACK CAT:  “Meow”
HALLOWEEN:  Everyone scream

On a dark and windy night in October, around HALLOWEEN, a group of CUB SCOUTS were walking along a dark country road when they came upon an old, old house.  Now, it being HALLOWEEN, and the GHOSTS and WITCHES were haunting places like this, it was no wonder the CUB SCOUTS were scared when a large BLACK CAT ran across the road in front of them.

The CUB SCOUTS decided to follow the BLACK CAT and see where he went.  Well, the BLACK CAT went right into the old house!  The boys, being CUB SCOUTS, were not afraid, so they went in the front door, but stopped when they heard what sounded like a GHOST!  They, being CUB SCOUTS, went all through the house but they didn’t see a GHOST or a WITCH or even the BLACK CAT!  Then, just as they were about to leave, they saw a WITCH flying through the room on her broomstick with the BLACK CAT sitting on the end of her broom.  Well, that really scared the CUB SCOUTS, so they all started through the door at the same time.

Now, everyone knows that a group of CUB SCOUTS won’t fit through one door at the same time, but they sure tried.  And when they all did come out the whole front wall of the house came with them, making the old house start to fall down, and as it fell, you could hear the GHOST and the WITCH with her BLACK CAT saying, “Where do we go a haunting now.  It’s almost HALLOWEEN, too!”

Maybe they will come to haunt your house!

– Southeastern Massachusetts Cluster Council Pow Wow 1997