An American Tribute

An American Tribute

CAST:  Leader, 7 Cubs

Leader:  America is my country. How glad I am that this is my land.  Prairie and forest, snow-capped peaks and mighty canyons.  Cities of steel and farms with red barns.  How glad I am that this is my land.  My country is young, but it has a wonderful history.

Cub#1:  It is Columbus, Plymouth Rock, and Davy Crocket.

Cub#2:  It is the Boston Tea Party and “Give me liberty or give me death”.

Cub#3:  And General MacArthur returning to the Philippines.

Cub#4:  It is Washington and Lincoln and all the Presidents who carried the burden of leadership.

Cub#5:  It is all the men and women who have died, so we may be free.

Cub#6:  And all the men and women, and children who are working today to keep it free.

Cub#7:  It is you and I and all its people who love America’s goodness and work each day to make it better.

Leader:  In all the world are many lands.  But in my land there is more hope and promise and strength and joy than anywhere else on Earth.  America is my country.  How thankful I am that this is my land!

— Crossroads of America Council Pow Wow 1995