Big Turkey Hunt

Big Turkey Hunt

Narrator reads the story, and as each section of the audience hears the word assigned, they stand up and turn around while making their sound, and then sit down.  At the word “HUNT” everyone gets up.

PILGRIM:  Whistle
FISH:  Bubble, bubble
TURKEY:  Gobble, gobble
BEAR:  Growl, growl
DUCK:  Quack, quack
BEE:  Bzzzzz, Bzzzzz
SQUIRREL:  Chatter, chatter
HUNT:  All sounds

Once upon a time, there was a PILGRIM who decided to go out to HUNT for a TURKEY for his Thanksgiving dinner.  As he walked along through the forest, all a sudden he met a DUCK.  “Hello, DUCK,” he said.  “Have you seen the TURKEY?  I’m on a big HUNT for him.”  “No,” said the DUCK, with a sly wink.  So the PILGRIM marched along until all of a sudden he spied a SQUIRREL playing in the treetops.  “Good day, SQUIRREL,” said the PILGRIM.  “Have you seen the TURKEY?  I’m on a big HUNT for him.”  “No, no!” said the SQUIRREL, smiling behind his paw.

As the PILGRIM crossed the brook, he bent down from the bridge when he saw a FISH swimming near the surface.  “Oh FISH” said he, “has the TURKEY been down to the water for a drink today?”  “No, not for a long time,” said the FISH diving deep to hide his laughter.  The POOR PILGRIM continued down the shady path and suddenly came face-to-face with a big brown BEAR.  “Hello, BEAR,” he said.  “Have you seen the T-T-TURKEY?  I’m on a b-big HUNT for him”.  “No!” said the BEAR.  “I don’t even know what a T-T-TURKEY is.”  But he gave a rumbling laugh.

-Southeastern Massachusetts Cluster Council Pow Wow 1997