Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish

Cast:  4 Cubs, Storekeeper

Props:  Sign

Setting:  Sign is being held up by Storekeeper.  “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE”

Storekeeper:  (Holding sign)  Boy, was this sign expensive and it took so much time getting it right.

Cub #1:  You don’t need the word “FRESH”.  You wouldn’t sell anything else would you???  (He tears off the word “FRESH”)

Cub #2:  Why use the word “HERE”?  Everyone know it’s here!  (He tears off the word “HERE”).

Cub #3:  Everything is always sold in a store, that’s why you have one.  (Tears off the word “SOLD”.)

Cub #4:  Look friend, you don’t need that sign “FISH”…you can smell them for ten blocks.  (Storekeeper chases him off stage yelling!!!!)