The Family Mood

The Family Mood

Stage set up like game show with a table on either side of room with 3 contestants standing behind each table. In front of one table the name “Gettingby”. In front of the other table the name “Doingright”. A Display board up front with top 5 answers tapped answer side down. Card holder should play the music when necessary and hold up “clap and cheer” card and “groan and awww” card to audience. Host should wear a cheesy suit jacket and be full of energy. I also got 2 poster boards and wrote 3rd Doingright’s answer on them making them look scientific (and also so she could remember them).

I put the 2 year answer on the first page then she flipped it over and on the other side was the 3 year answer. Then she dropped it to the floor to show the 2nd poster board with the 4 year answer then flipped it over to present the 1 year answer.


Announcer (needs to have low voice):

Card Holder (holds up cards to instruct audience):

Host (someone who will ham it up):

1st Gettingby Person (small speaking part):

2nd Gettingby Person (no speaking part):

3rd Gettingby Person (no speaking part):

1st Doingright Person:

2nd Doingright Person:

3rd Doingright Person:

Card Holder – <Play music for Family Feud>

Announcer: (with low voice and enthusiasm) Welcome to the game show that everyone loves to watch and now….. here is your host…..______________.

Card Holder – <holds up “clap and cheer ” card>

Host: Thank you, thank you. Welcome to our show, Family Mood, where the way we feel about our families begins in the home. Today on our show we have two great families. Let’s introduce them now. The Gettingby family.

(Host points to the Gettingby family)

Card Holder – <holds up “clap and cheer ” card>

(Team A jumps up and down, clapping and looking impressed with themselves)

Host: And over here the Doingright family.

(Host points to the Doingright family)

Card Holder – <holds up “clap and cheer” card>

(Team B jumps up and down clapping trying to look impressive)

Host: Well let’s get started playing the “Family Mood”.

Card Holder – <play music from family feud until members reach the table>

First person from each team comes to center table putting one hand behind back (like the game show). There is a bell in the middle of the table to be rung.

Host: I will ask a question and when you think you have one of the answers on the board, please ring in. (speaks in little more quiet tone) Okay, 100 people surveyed, top 5 answers are on the board, here is the question….

(Before he can ask the question, the first person from the Gettingby family rings the bell and shouts…..)

1st Gettingby Person: (shouts) Reading the Book of Mormon with the family while constructing a replica of the Salt Lake Temple out of rice crispy treats!

Host: Uh, I haven’t even asked the question!

1st Gettingby Person: (shouts) Green Jell-O!

Host: (while shaking head in confusion) No…. no, I’m sorry, that is incorrect. Please go back to your table.

Host: (Turns to first player on Doingright family and says) Okay, let’s try this again. Listen carefully, here is the question….. What is one way a parent can help their daughter (pause and then says real fast) with Personal Progress!

1st Doingright Person: Well, when my dad has his weekly Priesthood interview with me, he asks me to bring my Personal Progress Book. We go over what I am working on and what I might need help with.

Host: Do I see “discuss at Priesthood Interview”?

<One of the answers turns over with a ding>

Card Holder – <holds up “clap and cheer” card>

(team cheers)

Host: Would your team like to play or pass?

(1st Doingright Person turns to other team members and gestures, they all shout “play, play”)

1st Doingright Person: I think we will play!

(1st Doingright Person rejoins his team high-fiving members and the Host goes to 2nd Doingright Person.)

Host: What is one way a parent can help their daughter with personal progress?

2nd Doingright Person: I like it when my parents sign off my Personal Progress experiences and projects in my book! Sometimes it seems there is never enough time for my leaders to do it at activities. If I can take it to my parents as soon as I finish something and have them sign it off, it keeps me up to date and I don’t forget what I am working on or what I need to have signed off.

Host: Can I have “Parents signing book?”

<an answer turns over with a ding>

(team claps)

Host: (goes to Third person on team B) Okay, you have answers two and three, can you think of a way your parent can help with personal progress?

(3rd Doingright Person can’t seem to think of one, actions of thinking hard)

Host: You have 10 seconds.

3rd Doingright Person: (smiles as she thinks of an answer) Sometimes our class has a parent/daughter team be in charge of a class activity. We are supposed to focus on a Personal Progress experience. It helps me when my mother is willing to put the time into preparing an activity that will be fun but worthwhile and if she shows enthusiasm for the program.

Host: Can I see (pause) helping with class activities!

<answer turns over with a ding>

(team claps and cheers)

(Host goes back to 1st Doingright player)

Host: Only two answers left, can you give me an answer?

1st Doingright Person: How about when my parents let me do it by myself so I can learn to be independent (says in a parent voice with hands on hips) because one day young lady you will be going to college and we won’t always be around to tell you what to do!

Host: (looking unsure) Okay, (pause) let’s try “letting daughter do it on her own”

<buzzer goes off>

Card Holder – <holds up “groan and awww” card>

Host: That is one strike. You have two left.

(Host proceeds to 2nd Doingright Person)

Host: Think hard <pause> what can a parent do to help their daughter with Personal Progress?

(2nd Doingright Person takes a deep breath, pulls out a tissue and dabs sweat from brow looking as if feeling a lot of pressure. She crosses her fingers and answers….)

2nd Doingright Person: Well, when I was a Beehive and first received my “Personal Progress” book, <holds up Personal Progress book> my parents sat down and read it with me so they would be familiar with the program and what I was suppose to be doing. We also read the “For the Strength of Youth” book <hold up For Strength of Youth book> together. There was also a book called “Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth” <hold up book> they said was very helpful.

(Host points at board while asking…)

Host: Review Personal Progress book with daughter?

<answer turns over with a ding>

Host: Wow! Your team has 4 out of 5. Only one answer left.

(Host walks to 3rd Doingright Person)

Host: If you can get the last answer on the board your team will win the game. Do you have an answer?

(3rd Doingright person puts on glasses and pulls out poster board with the following information written scientifically on it and recites…)

3rd Doingright Person: Well there are 7 values and each value contains 6 experiences and a project. If each experience took on average 1 hour to complete that would be 42 hours plus 70 hours for the projects for a total of 112 hours to complete my Personal Progress. I find if my parents help me put aside 1 hour each Sunday to work on my Personal Progress plus 1 extra hour each quarter I will be finished with my Personal Progress in 2 years!

Host: Wow! What if someone wanted to complete it in 3 years?

(3rd Doingright Person flips poster board over and recites the following quickly without hesitation)

3rd Doingright Person: 1 hour 3 times a month plus and extra hour in June and July for the first two years.

(Host looks impressed and then begins to walk away suddenly whirling around pointing at 3rd Doingright Person and asks accusingly)

Host: 4 years?

(3rd Doingright Person tosses first poster board to the floor and shows 2nd poster board with the following information written on it)

3rd Doingright Person: 1 hour 2 times a month plus an extra hour every quarter for four years!

(Host again begins to walk away and turns around quickly again about to say something when 3rd Doingright Person cuts him off)

(Once again 3rd Doingright Person turns poster board and recites the following information which is written on poster board)

3rd Doingright Person: (smugly) 3 hours 3 times a month plus 1 extra hour every quarter for 1 year!

Host: Okay! Can I see set a Specific time to work on Personal Progress?

<answer turns over with a ding>

(Doingrights are jumping up and down clapping each other on the back)

Host: Well ladies and gentlemen, these girls are winners. In fact all girls are winners when their parents help them with their Personal Progress. But they aren’t the only ones, you the parents will be winners too!