The Gallant Knight

KNIGHT BLACKHEART:  Booooooooooooooooo!
SIR GALLANT:  Hurrah!  Hurrah!
FAIR ELAINE:  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
TRUMPET or TRUMPETER:  Ta Ta Ta – Ta Ta Ta – Ta Ta Ta
SWORDS:  Clink – Clink – Clink
HORSES:  (Clap hands on knees)

Once upon a time, in the day of yore, there was a bad knight named KNIGHT BLACKHEART and a good knight SIR GALLANT and the FAIR ELAINE.  One beautiful Spring day, the FAIR ELAINE was gathering flowers in the woods when she heard HORSES and TRUMPETERS.  She hid behind a huge oak tree and watched as the HORSES and TRUMPETERS came closer and closer.  Suddenly, the HORSES stopped and the TRUMPETS were silenced.

In rode KNIGHT BLACKHEART with his fine armor and long shiny SWORD.  “Here is where we are to meet SIR GALLANT and his band of good knights to fight for the FAIR ELAINE.”  The silence of the woods was broken by more TRUMPETERS and HORSES riding fast and hard.  In rode SIR GALLANT with his SWORD drawn for action, and his band of good knights on their HORSES close behind him.  “Halt, SIR GALLANT!  I, KNIGHT BLACKHEART, am here to fight for the love and honor of FAIR ELAINE.  Prepare for battle – blow your TRUMPETS.  Draw your SWORDS and spur your HORSES into the fight.”

KNIGHT BLACKHEART and SIR GALLANT drew their SWORDS as the TRUMPETERS blew their horns.  They fought long and hard.  Finally, KNIGHT BLACKHEART fell defeated.  SIR GALLANT took the FAIR ELAINE and put her on his HORSE, and as they rode away with his SWORD shining in the sunlight, the TRUMPETERS blew the sound of victory.

-Southeastern Massachusetts Cluster Council Pow Wow 1997