A Wish Come True

A Wish Come True CUB SCOUT; “Hip, hip, hooray!” PARROT: “Blow me down!” PIRATE: “Walk the plank!” BEACH: “Land ho!” GENIE: “”Poof” (swing hands over head) BOTTLE: “Yo ho ho and a bottle of run REGATTA: Everyone “Ship ahoy!” Early one day a CUB SCOUT stood on the BEACH with his sailboat. He was ready to race in the REGATTA and was hoping no PIRATE would steal his ship. Scanning the BEACH, the CUB SCOUT spotted a large green BOTTLE lying in the sand. A PIRATE with a PARROT also saw the BOTTLE. The CUB SCOUT and the PIRATE with the PARROT on his shoulder reached the BOTTLE at the same time. Both grabbed for it, but the PIRATE slipped, the PARROT flew off, and out came a GENIE from the BOTTLE. “Grant me a wish,” cried the CUB SCOUT. “No grant me one,” yelled the PIRATE. The GENIE did not know what to do. Suddenly the PARROT landed on the shoulder of the PIRATE and said, “Polly wants a cracker.” “Your wish is my command,” said the GENIE. He granted the PARROT’S wish, then disappeared into the BOTTLE, which rolled down the BEACH and into the sea. And thus we learn that we first make a wish before it can come true. -Southeastern Massachusetts Cluster Pow Wow 1997