130 Den Meeting Activity Suggestions

130 Den Meeting Activity Suggestions

1. Mock den meeting for parents

2. Indoor track meet (feather toss, straw throw, balloon heave, etc.)

3. Visit a newspaper office

4. Visit a factory

5. Visit the zoo.

6. Kickball game, using a ball of rags.

7. Visit a farm or ranch

8. Den bowling tournament

9. Ice skating or roller skating

10. Parents take boys to sporting event

11. Parent with interesting occupation tells boys about it.

12. Parent with a special hobby tells boys about it.

13. Backyard breakfast cookout.

14. Work on achievement everyone needs.

15. Treasure hunt

16. Marble shooting contest

17. Scavenger hunt for Cub Scout objects

18. Bike inspection

19. Pet show (each Cub brings and tells about his).

20. Boys bring their collections (coins, stamps, etc.) and tell about them.

21. Game making day

22. Use pinewood derby cars; roll on pavement to stop in marked areas for points.

23. Meet with another den.

24. Star High School or college athlete tells about his sport.

25. Fishing in pond at park for prizes

26. Visit a historical spot

27. Conduct tour of state park

28. Local geography day use maps and go to principle civic buildings.

29. Venturer tells about Philmont

30. Scout tells about Jamboree

31. Visit weather station

32. Telephone day boys stay home, call each other with relay messages on a pre-arranged plan.

33. Phone system cancels regular meeting calls special “surprise” one

34. Practice physical fitness games.

35. Sack lunch picnic

36. Trip to a museum

37. Friend with unusual educational experience tells about it.

38. Trip to fire station.

39. Visit to police station or crime laboratory.

40. Science teacher presents a project.

41. Night meeting to study the stars.

42. Dinosaur day each boy brings his models.

43. Model day each boy brings his models

44. Visit hobby store on return list all hobbies boys can think of.

45. Visit telephone company

46. Den uniform inspection

47. Design new closing ceremonies

48. Visit an airport

49. Session on basic first aid

50. Bird watching contest.

51. Visit library, librarian tells what is provided besides books. Each boy gets a card and takes out a book.

52. Boys mix, bake and eat cupcakes.

53. Science day with microscope look at hair, water, etc.

54. Magic day each boy does his favorite trick

55. Bait-casting practice.

56. Contest judging weight, sizes of objects, heights, etc.

57. Campfire roast marshmallows.

58. Play charades

59. Parent and son swim party

60. Without a watch, each boy tries to walk around the block in an exact number of minutes.

61. Photographic hobbyist takes pictures of each boy who then sees them developed.

62. Make puppets for a show.

63. Make sailboat to race on a pond.

64. Go rock collecting

65. Go fossil hunting

66. Mother’s Day gifts

67. Joke telling den winner picked by vote

68. Liar’s contest den winner picked by vote.

69. Ping-pong contest (basketball shooting, miniature golf, baseball throw, etc)

70. Build tin can bird houses

71. Hat making contest supply paper, string and paste.

72. Airplane sailing contest

73. Practice Cub Scout songs

74. Make collage of old Christmas cards.

75. Build den equipment box

76. Build den window display

77. Jump the rope contest

78. Catch butterflies

79. Visit lapidary shop

80. Coin collector shows coins

81. Learn a Cub Scout sport

82. Scrambled word game

83. Indian masks using paper bags

84. Make clay models, paint and fire them

85. Plastic models to work on only at den meeting

86. Baseball game with another den.

87. Handicraft beads, belts, paints, etc.

88. Start crystal growing hobby

89. Service project for church or school

90. Make den scrapbook of photos and souvenirs

91. Plant vegetable garden

92. Cub Scouts plan next month’s activities

93. Cub Scouts plan next month’s activities

94. In Boy Scout Week or Fall Roundup, boys in den do program in their room at school to tell and show what Cub Scouting is.

95. Make neckerchief slides and slide holders

96. Make Halloween costumes

97. Build a paper-mache town, fort or Indian camp

98. Lifeguard or Boy Scout talks and demonstrates about water safety

99. Tour two blocks and look for hazards to a boy’s safety

100.Develop brand new den skit.

101.Cubmaster speaks to den about how it can operate to best advantage and most fun for all.

102.Make a den doodle

103.Have a backyard race with discarded automobile tires.

104. Make a den jalopy

105.Have an obstacle race

106.Set up and run a nature trail, using a few elementary trail signs

107.Set up a nature trail, give each two boys a map boys bring back objects hidden on trail.

108.Practice runs with Pinewood derby cars.

109.Leaders set up a Pinewood derby workshop

110.Have a glide flying contest

111.Take a train ride

112.Visit session of city council

113.Make puppets, puppet theater from boxes, write and put on play

114.Plant a tree

115.Raise the flag at the beginning of school

116.Woods hike for leaf collecting

117.Make jelly. Sore away for future den meetings

118.Collect paper, glass, cans for recycling

119.Visit a re-cycling center

120.Have a song fest with each boy leading a song

121.Build den stools

122.Adopt an alley and keep the litter picked up

123.Visit a bakery

124.Visit a printing shop

125.Play miniature golf

126.Take a mystery trip

127.Make games for shut-ins

128.Collect books for schools or hospitals

129.Have a bug hunt

130.Den swap day