Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting

There are several elements of a successful pack meeting. The most important thing to remember is that the pack meeting is for the BOYS. Cub Scouting is THEIR program… not the adults.

Elements of a good pack meeting include:

  • Planning

  • Timing

  • Participation

  • Fellowship

  • Recognition

  • Spirit


The meetings should be planned with goals in mind. Themes, current fads, or events that Cub Scouts are interested in can help keep things on track. Pack meetings should be kept under 90 minutes in length. The interest of the Cub is limited. So is that of an adult, especially if there is a good show or football game on TV at the same time as the meeting.

The Cubmaster should not be the only adult involved in the program. Parents, leaders, and the boys should be involved. Individual den participation is essential. If boys and their parents are involved, they are more likely to enjoy the program and keep coming in the future.

Fellowship is a must before any pack meeting. A gathering time activity such as a game before the meeting, gets people together and acquainted. Fellowship after the meeting is just as important. Refreshments are a good way to get people to mix and visit. This is a great time to recruit adult volunteers.

Prepare a written agenda for the pack meeting and be sure to use it! See that all leaders have copies before the meeting starts. Stay with the written game plan unless something drastic makes you change. The use of the written game plan will make the meeting move smoothly, permit it to end on time, and prevent leaving something important out.

FUN…the most important element, should not be overlooked. If people have fun, they will return and remain enthusiastic about the Cub Scout program. The spirit of Scouting should prevail throughout the pack meeting. Show enthusiasm for the program…enthusiasm is contagious. Pass it around!

– Indian Nations Pow Wow, 1994

Once a month, usually the 4th Thursday of the month, the Cub Scout Pack meeting is held.  As a Den Leader you are expected to attend this meeting and lead your Cub Scouts.  The Cub Master conducts the entire pack meeting having before hand arranged with each Den for their participation.  The purpose of the Pack Meeting is to show off the boy’s accomplishments through exhibits and presentations, present individual awards and advancements, and have fun. The Pack meeting is held at the LDS Fairmount building and normally starts at 7:00 p.m. and should last no longer that 1 ½ hours. A typical Pack meeting, with den assignments, is as follows:

1st – Set-up of the Meeting Area – the den (parents and boys) assigned to this should arrive at the meeting place 15 to 30 minutes before the meeting time and set up chairs and display tables as required for the Pack meeting.

2nd – Gathering Activity – the den assigned to this is responsible for providing a fun activity to keep the boys busy until all of the Cub Scouts arrive.  This activity should be conducted from about 6:45 and should end promptly at 7:00 p.m. so the meeting can begin on time.

3rd – Opening Ceremony – the den assigned to this is responsible to assign a boy to say the opening prayer, and assign the boys needed to present the colors (flags), lead the pledge-of-allegiance, and lead the recitation of the Scout Promise.

4th – Awards and Advancements – this part of the Pack meeting is presented by the Cub Master.  It is at this time that the Cub Master calls the boy and their parents up to the front of the room and with the Den Leader presents the boy with the advancement/award.  When the Wolf, Bear or Webelos award is given there is a pin that the boy pins on the parents shirt lapel. (NOTE – make sure the parent pin is acquired the same time as the patch so it is available at the Pack meeting). Traditionally the Cub Master and the Den Leader shakes the boy’s hand in congratulations using the Cub Scout handshake and to complete the event the boy is asked to kiss his parents (always real cute).

5th – Game or Skit – the den assigned to this will present a short game or skit lasting no longer than 10 minutes.  It should be related to the monthly theme, if possible, and should be positive, build confidence and self-esteem and be age appropriate. “Bathroom” humor is discouraged.

6th – Song – The den assigned to this is responsible to teach the Pack a new song related to the monthly theme, if possible, or just a good camp fire song. As with the skit the Song should be positive, build confidence and self-esteem and be age appropriate. “Bathroom” humor is again strongly discouraged.

7th – Closing Ceremony – the den assigned to this is responsible to retire the colors (Flags) and provide a Cub Scout to say the closing prayer.

8th – Treats – with our Pack meeting being the combination of two Packs (335 & 723) one or the other pack is given the assignment to bring treats (this assignment is alternated each Pack meeting). It should be a simple treat that the boys and parents can enjoy. The Pack assigned should arrange for both the treat and any cups/plates that are needed to present the treats.  They should also clean up the area after the treats have been handed out.

9th – Clean up – the den assigned to this is responsible for cleaning up the area, putting up chairs and putting away tables that were set up for the meeting and restoring the area to the way it was found before the meeting.  They should also vacuum and/or sweep the area and throw away the trash.

An example of a “Pack meeting Den assignment matrix” is shown in the appendix.  The assignments are determined at the annual Pack planning meeting and a copy of this matrix is distributed to the Parents so that they know what they and their boys are expected to do each month at the Pack meeting.

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