Pack Meeting: problems with parental attendance

Pack Meeting: problems with parental attendance

This GREAT idea came from Sara

Our pack was having problems with parental attendance. I went to the scout shop and bought the yellow and blue cub scout stickers. I then made up the following poem with the dates of our pack meetings for the rest of the year and printed it out on yellow paper. I glued slightly larger blue paper behind the yellow paper (to make a border) and stapled the stickers to the poem. It turned out really cute and was such a hit with parents I thought I would send the idea around.

Cub Scout stickers just for you
They are the colors yellow and blue
On your calendar you should place
To help remind you just in case!

Once a month we get together
Even if we have bad weather
We have a Meeting as a Pack
And afterwards we have a snack.

We need our parents very much
To attend and keep in touch.
Please come join us for the fun
And to help support your son!

Also another idea  about getting parents to come to Pack Meeting was posted but with name, but it is good also!

Pack Meeting attendance can get low for so many reasons. We found that we increased attendance by giving parents an assignment (even as simple as being the greeter at the door), sending home monthly newsletters/calendars with the boys, personally inviting parents periodically and reminding them of the purpose of Pack Meetings, and keeping in touch as much as possible. I know that as a parent of a new cub scout, I had no understanding of what pack meetings were for and just thought it was another meeting for the boys. I had no idea that my attendance was so important. I was given a small assignment for each meeting and that helped me remember to come. We all get busy, and sometimes we just forget!