Bouquet of Flowers

This singing time is meant to teach the children about working as a bunch. Even though each flower is beautiful as an individual; the true beauty comes from working together (as a bunch). A family is like a bunch of flowers. Each family member adds to the beauty of the bunch and they work together to create a harmony. As a family member, you can share love for one another and serve others as well as your family.
Items Needed:
Flowers that form into an arrangement
List of songs you want to sing
A vase
*You can also use laminated paper flowers cut-out and a vase and add them to a chalkboard or poster.*
Spread five flowers throughout the room and let the children find them. The gardener (your primary music helper for that Sunday) will arrange the flowers in the vase.
*You can then give the flowers in the base to the pianist or to the Primary President to show appreciation for all the things she does.* (Once again reinforcing service and love for one another.)
Example of Song List:
I Am A Child of GodCS:2
Families Can Be Together ForeverCS:188
The FamilyCS:194
I Feel My Savior*s LoveCS:74
Love One Another CS: 136