Bubble Gumball Machine Helper

Okay here is my start of things to add to these page; in one of the wards I have been in, the music leader made a poster with a big bubble gum machine on it, she cut out a bunch of gumball’s and on the back she wrote the kids names in the Primary, when she needed a helper she would choose a gum ball off and call that child up to help!
You can use certain colors for Jr and SR, or you can make two different posters.
When you pull one off you can stick it on the back and leave it there until you need to “refill” the machine. Does that make since??
Anyway, here is a machine with colored gum balls you can print out and put on a poster board and then laminate it. You will see the gumball machine is to printed out on 4 different pages, so it won’t be to small on a poster board. There are lines where in the middle of the pictures where you would cut it and tape it together.
Anyway take a look and tell me what you think!

I used your idea for the Bubble Gum Machine to choose helpers. The Kids love it. I added a title to the top that I thought rather clever: it says “CHEWS” ME. Just thought I’d pass that along.

Lori Walker