A Skit that can be used in a Primary Talent Show

The Princess and the 8 spot Frog

By Brandy and Leae Brown

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, the daughter of a Most High King. (Princess primps.)

Narrator: She was fair and smart and above all loved to dance. (Princess dances.)

Narrator: She went to college and on a mission and then decided she wanted to get married. (Princess puts on veil and high heels. Narrator continues.)

Narrator: She knew, for her dad had always told her, that she was an 8 cow wife, just like Jonny Lingo*s wife. So she set her standards high for an 8 cow husband.

She searched high and low but didn*t find a worthy man. (Princess looks around.)

Narrator: So she sat down to pray.

(Enter Frog)

Narrator: When she opened her eyes there was a frog next to her.

Frog: Rrribit. Will you marry me?

Princess: You are not an 8 cow husband.

Frog: But I have 8 spots. (Frog shows Princess his spots.)

Princess: No it*s not enough!

Frog: But I*ll take you to the temple!

Narrator: The beautiful princess thought for a minute, and listened for the spirit. (Thinking pose)

Princess: Yes I*ll marry you!

(Princess kisses Frog. Frog turns into handsome Prince, and they skip off stage holding hands.)

Narrator: And they were married in the temple and soon became a 16 cow couple!