Book of Mormon Baseball


1. To teach through song the names of the books of the Book of Mormon
2. Teach through videotape(s) how the Book of Mormon came forth in our day (Moroni buries/Joseph Smith finds the plates and translates them)
3. Teach the meaning of Lehi’s vision of the tree of life through storytelling, an art activity, and an “iron rod role play”
4. Encourage children to read the Book of Mormon by presenting each with a reading chart and bookmark to take home.
Gather for welcome/opening prayer/division into teams. Nephites, Jaredites, and Mulekites.
Note: I am missing a page of instructions here but I think you get the general idea. This is a note they sent home to the parents at the end of the activity.
Dear Primary Parents:
At our Book of Mormon Baseball Activity Day today your Child(ren) visited three “bases”. At one they learned the names of the books of the Book of Mormon through song (enclosed for use at home). At another they participated in a drawing activity and discussion about Lehi’s vision of the tree of life followed by an iron rod role play. Lastly they watched videos illustrating how Moroni finished and buried the golden plates anciently and how Joseph Smith was directed to the plates many centuries later by the Angel Moroni and translated them.
Enclosed you will find a Book of Mormon reading chart with stickers and a bookmark. Each square on the chart represents one chapter in the Book of Mormon. Mini stickers can be places on the squares as the chapters are read. President Hinckley has counseled parents to read the Book of Mormon even to their young children: “They will not understand all the words, but they will get the spirit of this work”.
We hope this activity and the enclosed materials will be helpful to you in teaching in the home. We love your children and desire to assist you in nurturing them in the gospel.
Faithfully yours,
The Primary Presidency