David vs. Goliath Water Balloon Toss

David vs. Goliath Water Balloon Toss (by Andrea Graves)


Items Needed: Large piece of plywood (decorated as decribed), nails, water balloons.
Paint Goliath holding a shield on piece of plywood. Paint Goliath*s vulnerable spots or *targets* (shield, knees, heart, waist/belt) with red paint (make sure paint is water resistant). Drive nails from the backside of the plywood in the areas of the red targets.
Let each child throw a water balloon at *Goliath.* The goal is to hit the various targets so the water balloon pops.
Rebekah*s Well Water Relay (by Allyson Steffensen)
Items Needed: Six buckets, three large sponges, stopwatch/timer (optional), gunny sack (optional visual slumped over to represent a camel).
Divide group into three equal teams. Line up three water-filled buckets about two yards apart. Put a large sponge in each of those buckets. Line up the other three buckets about five yards away. Spread those out about two yards apart also so that you have two buckets for each team*one with water and a sponge, the other empty. Have each team member take their wet sponge and run to the empty bucket. Each child will squeeze as much water out of their sponge and will then run back and give the sponge to the next in line. After a determined amount of time or when everyone on the team has gone once, see which team has the most water in their second bucket. This team will be the winner.” CHERYL JORGENSEN, ALBUQUERQUE, NM