Family History Quarterly Activity


This is NOT my own personal idea but one I found.
We did an Activity Day several years ago on Personal and Family History. We titled it “You’re One in a Melon” and used watermelon clip art for posters and flyers.
We had each child bring a family heirloom, photograph, or memento from family history for showing and telling.
We split them into groups, and rotated.
In one group, we did a time capsule (one “all about me” page that they filled out and put in an envelope, to be opened on a future date)
In another group, we made a family tree, much like described below….we had a leaf punch, and they could decorate their tree. We also had a trunk out of brown paper that they could run through a paper crimper before gluing on (kids love gadgets like that). There were blanks for them to fill out 4

generations on the tree.
In another group, we played a game kind of like fruit-basket turnover, where they sat in a circle and one person didnt’ have a spot. There was a jar of

family/personal information questions in the middle that they read, and everyone that fit that question had to change places, then they tried to

find a place to sit. Examples are, Who has met their great grandparents? Who was born outside of Utah? (or what ever state you live in) Who’s family is from outside the United States? etc. etc.
I can’t remember if there was a 4th group, or if that was refreshments.

Refreshment ideas could be little dirt pudding cups with a plastic tree in them. Or you could do watermelon, to go along with the One in a Melon theme

ee in them. Or you could do watermelon, to go along with the One in a Melon theme.