Listening and Following the Prophet

Thanks to Elaine Williams for sharing this idea

Theme was listening and following the Prophet. We used this activity to help the Cub Scouts earn their religious knot (help plan and carry out a primary activity). Ahead of time, the Cub Scouts each chose a Prophet they wanted to portray and gathered costumes/props that could be used for a little skit about that prophet.
For the activity, we first divided into groups with each Cub Scout as the leader. For most of the activities we combined a few groups so that we had 3 larger groups. First, we had a relay race which consisted of things the Prophet has told us to do (Have a 72 hr kit, plant a garden, read the scriptures, share the gospel). We divided into 3 teams, placing half of each team at the opposite end. First, they had to get a backpack and place items in it (bottle of water, emergency blanket, granola bar, etc.)to make up their 72 hour kit, they took it with them to complete the relay. The next step was to get a vegetable seed out of the package and plant it in a grow box containing dirt. Next, there was a Book of Mormon, they had to look for a certain picture in it (I would have had them look up a scripture but not everyone could read). Finally, they had to pick up a pass along card and hand it to the next person in line, while asking them if they would like to hear more about the church. That person then took the backpack and card with them and went back through doing the same thing except when they got to the other end they unpacked the backpack, instead of packing it. We then discussed the representation of the activities.
We then rotated to different activities.
1) “The Prophet Says”, We played Just like “Simon Says”, replacing the Prophet for Simon. We then discussed how important it is to follow the Prophet even if we don’t understand why;using the example it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
2)”Prophet Matching Game”. We matched latter-day prophets with their name. When they would get a match, we would tell a little about that prophet.
3)”Skit Preparation”. This is where they were divided into their smaller groups with each Cub Scout and worked on the skit the Cub had prepared.

At the end, we all met in the gym and watched as each group presented their skit. The skits consited of: Daniel in the lion’s den, Noah and the ark, Samuel the Lamanite, Joshua and the battle of Jericho, etc. Everyone seemed to have a great time!
For a snack we had a little baggie with “whales” (similar to goldfish), for Jonah and the whale, pretzel sticks, representing Moses’ staff. Animal crackers for Noah and the ark.  We also had fruit snacks for Adam and the Garden of Eden, (they could eat the fruit from all of the trees except the tree of life).
This activity was a lot of fun and a big hit!