Love One Another Quarterly Activity

Love One Another Quarterly Activity

We copied your “Love” idea and changed a few things and it was great! Thanks for the great ideas!

Love, Your friends in Elk Grove, CA

Quarterly Activity

February 2008

Love One Another

Family Home Evening Kits

We did a very easy and fun activity in February centered on Love, but it could be used any time of year.  We decided our topic was “Love One Another” and we were going to make family home evening bags.

We started off with the kids decorating brown paper bags that were donated by Winco.  They decorated it with stickers, stamps, crayons, etc.  The bags were used to put items in it from every station.  At the end of all 4 stations they would be able to do a family home evening one night.

We divided the kids into 4 groups/rooms:

Station 1 – Love thy Savior

Station 2 – Love thy self

Station 3 – Love thy neighbor/friend

Station 4 – Love thy Family

In Love Your Neighbor, the kids played charades.  We had a list of different things they could do to serve their neighbor (Take them dinner, mow the lawn, water the plants, etc) Older kids helped the younger kids.  They were given hearts to put in their family home evening bags, and on the hearts they could write different things on them to serve thy neighbor/friend.

In Love Your Family we created a chain necklace with a heart medallion that said, “Jesus wants us to LOVE everyone”.  We cut out the strips and wrote the names of our family members on each strip, then we put the strips in a bowl and took them out one at a time and said something special about the person.  We looped the strips together and connected it to the medallion to make a necklace.  Each child received a medallion and strips to put in their family home evening kit.

In Love Yourself, the kids decorated and ate a heart shaped cookie.  Then they were given the recipe to a yummy sugar cookie to make for family home evening, and they put the recipe in their family home evening bag.  We got the cookies from Bel-Air for 4.99 for 30 cookies.  They decorated the cookies with all different colored sprinkles.

In Love the Savior, we told the story out the story “My Friend Linda” (Heidi Renouf Brisco, “My Friend Linda,” Friend, Feb. 2006, 36).  The kids discussed ways that they could show love to the Savior.  They were given the story to take home and share for family home evening.

At the end we sang “Love One Another” and everyone received the words to the song to put in their family home evening kits along with pictures they could cut out and tape a straw to them to help them remember the words to the song (example: heart with a picture of Christ on it, disciples, a picture of children loving each other with the word “love” on it, etc.).

A week before the activity we passed out flyers that looked like this:

Come to our Primary Activity and lets learn how to


as Christ did!


When:  Friday, February 1st


Time:  3:30pm to 5:00pm


Where:  Cultural Hall


Bring a friend, and your big hearts, and let’s have a good time!


We also went to all of our inactive primary children’s home and personally invited them and gave them an invitation. Then we enlisted help from members of our ward:

The Primary Needs Your Help!

When: February 1st from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Where: Cultural Hall

What:  Activity Day

We need help in 3 different ways:

  1. A Priesthood Leader
  2. A Group Leader (to walk the children around to different stations)
  3. A Station Leader (help decorate cookies, read stories, color, etc.)

If you can help please sign up (and tell us what area you would be able to help us in):






Don’t forget to bring your Primary Children for a fun time!

We did a very easy and fun activity in February centered on Love, but it could be used any time of year. We decided our topic was