“We had a water activity day. There were four stations which had a theme and a story to go with it. One area had a large blow up pool and the story of the Stripling Warriors. After the story there was a tug-of-war over the pool. The next station was a Whale painted on plywood with the mouth cut out. The story, Jonah and the Whale. One child stands behind the wood inside the “mouth” and others stand in line. The first child in line throws balloons through the mouth and the child behind the whale cut out “dodges” the balloon. The third is a relay race with two buckets full of water and two sponges, and on the other side two empty buckets. The story is the Journey in the wilderness. The race is to fill up your sponge and run to the empty bucket to squeeze out the water. The one with the most water at the end wins. Tie in how precious water was in the wilderness. The last was a slip and slide with the story of Lehis journey across the ocean. After the story the kids lined up and took turns sliding across the ocean. Then we had popcicles. The kids said they had lots of fun.We split up into teams so there were kids at each station. The story was four minutes and then we played the game and then rotated. It seemed if we rotated when the Jonah game was done it was timed about right. Each child had three turns throwing the balloons, they would throw one and go to the end of the line until they had gone through the line 3 times.” TRACY, SURPRISE ARIZONA