You be the Doctor – Review for Primary, to practice for the 2010 primary program

Review for Primary, to practice for the 2010 primary program

I just finished up planning a fun 5th Sunday review for Primary, to practice for the 2010 primary program, called You Be the Doctor  I am going to dress with a scrub top and wear a stethoscope, have the chalkboard covered with the song titles in the rectangular shapes of pill bottles (orange construction paper with white caps), and 8 children up front as patients, all seated with various ailments, some of them even with their feet up and sheets, etc.   Here is the script I am planning to use.  It describes the symptoms of each child, and the song that we are going to prescribe to get them better.  For the alternate “free choice” songs, we learned Dare to do Right and The Commandments, but the other six should be in common with everyone else.

Hope that with all this work, someone else can use it!

Jackie Day
Lehi, Utah



You be the Doctor


We are certainly busy today at Primary Children’s Hospital.   I wonder if I could get some help.    Each of these patients has a very interesting illness, and they need some very special medicine.  Do you think you guys can be the doctor today?  And we’ll see if we can get these patients well.  Let me tell you all about their symptoms…their problems.  Then we’ll see if we’ve got any medicine for them here in our medicine cabinet.


1.  (to patient with cotton ball ears)  This is  _______.    He had a birthday a few weeks ago and turned 8.  After his birthday,  ________ was baptized and confirmed.  When he was confirmed, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  When he received it, he felt a warm happy feeling inside.  Then the next day, he didn’t really think about his new gift very much.  It has been a few weeks now since he was confirmed, and ________ wonders if he REALLY has the Holy Ghost with him to help him all the time.  He is wondering how he can hear and understand what the Holy Ghost has to say to him.  One day he wanted to go outside and play with his soccer ball in the street, even though his Mom usually says NO.  As he was putting on his shoes, he felt kind of bad inside, like maybe he shouldn’t go.  _________ wonders if this is the Holy Ghost trying to tell him something.  But his Still Small Voice listening ears don’t seem to be working.  What should we do????  (Sing The Holy Ghost)


2.  (to girl patient with sunglasses).  This is Marla.  Marla is about to go summer clothes shopping with her Mom.  Marla likes to go to primary, but her Mom doesn’t go to church very much.  Marla usually comes to church with her grandma.  When they get to the store, Marla knows there will be some very cute clothes there because she saw the same ones on a newspaper ad that came to her house in the mail.  She wants to get the shirt and shorts that she saw in the ad because she thinks the girl that was wearing them in the picture looked so cool and so pretty, and if she wears those clothes, maybe she will look cool and pretty, too.  When Marla was at activity days last week, she learned that the prophet said, “Young women should wear clothing that covers the shoulder”.  The shirt Marla likes is just a tank top and doesn’t cover her shoulders.  Her Mom would probably get it for her if she asks, because her Mom didn’t hear what the prophet said.  Maybe she should just get the shirt.  Why should anybody listen to what a prophet says?   Marla has Modesty Blindness.  What should we do to help her make the right choice?  (Sing Follow the Prophet).


3.  (to patient with fish stickers)  This is __________.  He is just about to turn 8.  His parents and his primary teachers say that when he turns 8, it is time to get baptized.  ____________ doesn’t know about this.  He doesn’t really want to go under the water in front of all those people.  What if the water goes up his nose?  He wonders if he can just skip it.    ____________ loves Jesus, though, and he wonders what Jesus wants him to do.  What should we do to help him get over his nervousness and help decide what to do?  (sing Come, Follow Me)


4.  (to patient with broken heart).  _________ has had a really bad, sad day.  Some kids made fun of him at school, and then when he got home, his Dad was gone on a trip and his Mom was too busy making dinner and taking care of his little brothers and sisters to listen to him.  ___________ feels lonely.  He wonders if the kids at school are right about him.  Maybe nobody really likes him at all.  What should we do to fix his broken heart?  (sing I Know that my Savior Loves Me).


5.  (to patient with tied up legs)  This is Max.   When he was at school today, he started playing basketball with his friends.  Then he saw a boy he didn’t know on the sidelines, watching them.  The boy was all alone, and he looked like maybe he wanted to play, too.  Max thought maybe he should go over and ask the boy if he wanted to play, too.  But as soon as he decided that, he got kind of shy, and his legs just wouldn’t move!  He thought, if I invite that new kid to play ball with us, maybe my friends will be bugged with me, because we already have enough people.  Maybe if we just keep playing, that boy will go away and I won’t have to do anything.  What should we do to help Max not be paralyzed with fear, and to help him be brave instead?  (Sing Dare to do Right)


6.  (to patient with pillow).  This is Scotty.  He has an extra bad case.  This morning, when he woke up, he realized that his head was stuck to his pillow.  He couldn’t seem to get out of bed and get ready for church!  Sometimes he thinks church is kind of boring, and that Sister Day is a little too silly for him to go to primary.  Then, when his mom came in to tell him to get ready, he told her that he was sick, even though he wasn’t.  When his Mom realized that he was lying, she told him he still had to get ready.  As she left his room, he stuck out his tongue at her.  Scotty is a little confused about what kinds of things we should do to be happy in this life.  What should we do to help him know why he should get up and be good today?  (Sing The Commandments).


7.  (to girl with baby doll).  This is Shelley.  She is a mom who just had a new baby, straight from heaven.  What’s your baby’s name?  Shelley is tired because she didn’t get much sleep last night.  She was taking care of her new baby, AND she was worrying.  She was worrying because she wants this baby to grow up to be the very best person she can be, so that she can get back to live with Heavenly Father someday.  Shelley is worried that she won’t remember all the things she needs to teach her baby.  What if she isn’t going to be a good Mom?  She knows that Heavenly Father made a wonderful plan of happiness for his children to come back to Him, but right now, she is so tired, she can’t remember what the plan is, or who will help both her and her baby get back to Heaven someday.  What can we do to help her remember Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness for his children?  (Sing He Sent His Son).


8.  (to patient with knotted tie).  This is ________.  Today a friend from school said, “My mom and dad say that your family isn’t Christian—that you don’t believe in Jesus.  They say that you follow someone named Mormon instead, because you are Mormons and read the Book of Mormon.  Is that true?”  When _________ tried to answer them, and tell them that YES they follow Jesus, and that they belong to Jesus’ true church, and the Book of Mormon is all about Jesus, ____________ wasn’t sure what to say!  ________ felt kind of shy, and like their tongue was all tied up in knots.  What should we do to help ____________ know what they could say to answer their friend?   (sing I Belong to the Church).