Caught Being Reverent
Caught Being Reverent

Caught Being Reverent


Here is our ward’s solution to the reverence in Primary problem:

I used some LDS clipart and created these CBR badges (Caught Being Reverent). We print them on cardstock of multiple colors, cut them out and then punch a hole in the top and use ribbon or yarn to make necklaces or a small amount of ribbon with a safety pin on it for the kids to wear.
We walk around the Primary room during Jr. Primary (and Sr. if they get really antsy) and pass them out to those who are being reverent during opening exercises, Singing and Sharing Time. We also put a couple in the rolls for teachers to use in class.

This is the 4th idea we have tried (we are a new Primary Presidency), and it has been the one that works. Kids are dying to get *CBR* and are so proud to wear them!

Heather Shepherd (Thanks Heather for sharing!!)