Keeping a Journal – Stake Primary Activity Day ( can be used for any age)
Keeping a Journal – Stake Primary Activity Day ( can be used for any age)

Keeping a Journal – Stake Primary Activity Day ( can be used for any age)

Stake Primary Activity Day ( can be used for any age)

Lesson Plan – 20 minutes 

Keeping a Journal

Attention getting activity:

You can tell your own story about journals or share this one: 

My Father’s Journal; a true story. 

A man died unexpectedly.  A few weeks after the funeral, his daughter was helped her mother go through his things.  While cleaning out the closet she came across his journal.  She was so excited to find something that her father had written.  What had he said about her?  She sat down on the bed, eager to read about his life.  She lifted the leather cover to her face and smelled the musty aroma from being in the closet so long.  Then she opened the journal; it contained only blank pages.  He father hadn’t written one word of his life.  She cried with disappointment.

Discussion questions under chairs (click here for printable questions)

What is a journal?

  • Why should we keep a journal?

  • Who needs to keep a journal?

  • What is the difference between a journal and a diary?

  • Where can I keep my journal so that no one will read it?

  • What if my handwriting is REALLY messy? Do I still have to keep a journal?

  • What if my life is REALLY boring, what do I write in my journal?

Handouts – Journal Prompts and or Keeping a Journal

Have each girl read one of the points and discuss as needed.

Keeping A Journal (for handout click here)

Cathy Brundage 9-1-06


If you are a perfectionist – lower your standards. 

  • Keeping a record of you life is the goal – nothing more, nothing less.

Set a goal

  • Once a week, twice a week, or everyday.  If you go a few days, weeks or months without writing, then pick up your journal and write a short entry.  Sunday is a wonderful day to write in your journal, reflecting upon the sacrament, the talks, testimonies and lessons.

Be honest in your writing. 

  • Write what is in your heart – not what you think other people expect from you.  This is private writing where sorrows and worries can be aired.  It is also a place where God can talk to you through your writing. 

Remember the details – date each entry & number pages.

  • Take your journal to General Conference, vacations, or other situations where you will have time to make entries. 

  • Use first and last names when writing about individuals.  Identify important locations and people in your entry.

Forget about:

  • Punctuation & spelling – just do the best you can.

  • Sounding righteous, amazing, or perfect.

  • Selling the rights of your journal for a TV movie.

Items to include in your journal

  • Important events, impressions, personal feelings.

  • Talks you have written, inspiration you have received, the annual family Christmas letter

  • Personal counsel, promises, blessings received and circumstances surround them.

  • Deaths, births, marriages, baptisms, endowments, temple service

  • Personal triumphs, failures, challenges and how you handled them

  • Current local, national, and world events that impact your life.

  • Simple daily occurrences.

  • Poems and stories

  • Dreams, goals, plans for your future.

Remember – your journals are the field research for you personal history.  Expect it to be at times chaotic, boring, inspiring, sad, and joyous with some spelling and grammar errors.  Enjoy the journey!

Everyone’s journal is different because everyone’s life is different.  There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal.  The only mistake you can make with your journal is NOT to write in it!   (Closing statement)

If time allows, have then do the following Auto-bio poem”

“The Auto-bio Poem” (for a printable you could blow up larger for all to see click here)

Auto-Bio Poem

  1. Your full name
  2. Three qualities or traits that describe you.
  3. Daughter of  (your parent’s names)
  4. Who loves ( name three ideas, people or things)
  5. Who feels ( name three sensations or feelings)
  6. Who finds happiness in (name three people, places or things)
  7. Who fears (three people, places or things)
  8. Who likes to wear ( three colors or items)
  9. An native of (where you were born)
  10. Your first name or nick name, who some day wants to be a __________.

Journal Prompts: can be made in to a handout (I put it into a bookmark click here)

  • Tell about your Family Christmas Traditions
  • Tell about your least favorite job that you do around the house.
  • Tell a story about a pet.
  • Tell about a time your got in trouble with a brother/sister.
  • Tell about a time when you were really scared.
  • Tell about a time when you were brave.
  • Tell about your favorite teacher.
  • Who gave you your name?  Do you have a nickname?  How did you get it?
  • Describe your bedroom, your house, your yard.
  • Tell about a favorite experience you had with your dad.
  • Tell about a favorite experience you had with your mom.
  • Tell a story about your grandparents/cousins/aunts/uncles.
  • Tell about the fun things you do after school.
  • Tell a story about when a prayer was answered.
  • Describe your favorite meal.
  • Who is your best friend(s).  Explain why.
  • Describe your hobbies.
  • What is the nicest thing you ever did for a member of your family?
  • What is the nicest thing someone ever did for you?
  • What is your earliest memory of Primary?
  • Describe what it feels like when the Holy Ghost prompts you.
  • What is your favorite subject in school?  Your least favorite?
  • What does your family like to do on the weekends?  Vacations?
  • List ten things for which you are grateful.
  • What is your favorite thing to do as a family?  By yourself?  With a friend?
  • What was your favorite toy as a young child?  Explain why.
  • How did you know that God loves you?
  • What kind of car does your family drive?  Where do you like to sit?
  • Tell a story about the family car.
  • Who did you dress up as for Halloween?  Where did you get the costume?

Printables of items used for this lesson

Journal Prompts Bookmarks

Journal Prompts bookmark

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Keeping a Journal Handout

Keeping a Journal

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What is a Journal Questions

What is a journal questions

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Auto- Bio Printable

Auto-Bio Poem

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