6 B’s Sharing Time

6 B’s Sharing Time


A big THANK YOU, to Monica for sharing this great sharing time with all of us.

Although I can’t take full credit. The main part of the sharing time came from www.eprimary.dk “How to Remember the 6 B’s” by Lars Hillgaard and “President Hinckley’s 6 B’s” by Heather Krenk. I just added a few things to expand it to the 9 B’s and rearranged them in the order that worked for my primary.
November 20th Sharing Time
I share the gospel through my example as I try to follow Jesus * President Hinckley*s 9 B*s.

Make 6 letter size signs with the following written on them:
* sign 1: “True”
* sign 2: “Prayerful”
* sign 3: “Smart”
* sign 4: “Grateful”
* sign 5: “Humble”
* sign 6: “Clean”
* sign 7: *Positive*
* sign 8: *Still*
* sign 9: *Involved*
Collect the following items:
* A bible
* A picture of a child praying
* A graduation cap (the square funny-looking things)
* A thank you card
* A pretend ear (make one out of cardboard, or I used a Mr. Potato man ear)
* A bar of soap
* A picture of someone doing a thumbs up
* A Shell
* A pair of mittens

Put the pictures facing inward on the bulletin board. Explain that it is important to be a good example to those around us * at school, at church, in our family, and everywhere we go. It is important for us to act in a way that Jesus Christ would want us to act. When people see the example we are setting we are helping them to have good feelings about us, about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and most importantly about our savior. President Hinckley said in his book Way to Be, *You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence. And the good that is in you must be spread to others.* So what can we do to set a good example for those around us?

Have children take turns turning the signs around and trying to match them with the corresponding object.

* Bible * (TRUE) Scripture: Due. 6:18
Ask what the bible is. Ask if any of the children have ever seen a movie where someone is in court. They are asked to put their hand on the Bible and swear they will tell the…. truth. Tell the children one of the things President Hinckley told us to be was “True”.Talk about “true” with the children, what it means, etc. How can we remain true? * loyal to church*do what is right*stand up for what is right
SONG – Stand for the right CS 159
* Picture of the child * (PRAYERFUL) Scripture: Psalms 55:16
Ask what the picture portrays. Tell the children one of the things President Hinckley told us to be was “prayerful”. Talk about the importance of prayer. What can you do to be prayerful? *do what is right so you can talk to Heavenly Father*thank Heavenly Father.*tell Heavenly Father what you think, things you need help with.
* Graduation cap * (SMART) Scripture: D & C 130:18
Ask what it is. Tell the children one of the things President Hinckley told us to be was “smart”. Talk about the importance of knowledge & education. Have the children name some things that help them be smart. * schooling * training
* Thank you card * (GRATEFUL) Scripture: D & C 59:7
Ask what it is. When do we send thank you cards? Tell the children one of the things President Hinckley told us to be was “Grateful”. Talk about the importance of being grateful. Ask the children to list some things they are grateful for.
*for blessings*for opportunities *thankful to parents
*thankful to friends*thankful to teachers*thankful to Heavenly Father
* Ear – (HUMBLE) Scripture: D & C 112: 10
Ask what it is, what is it used for, why is it important to listen to people, who are people we should REALLY listen to? Tell the children one of the things President Hinckley told us to be was “humble”. Talk about the importance of being humble, that is means to listen to Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, teachers, parents, etc. List some ways we can be humble. * listen to others*listen to teachers*listen to Holy Ghost
* Soap * (CLEAN) Scripture: 1 Cor. 3:16
Ask what it is. Tell the children one of the things President Hinckley told us to be was “clean”. Talk about the importance of being clean, physically and spiritually. Have the children tell what they can do in order to keep their minds and bodies clean.
* no evil talk *choose good friends
* good entertainment*well groomed*keep word of wisdom
SONG – The 13th Article of Faith CS132
* Thumbs – Be Positive
Because we have a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ and know that we are spirit children of God, we should be the most positive-thinking people in the world. We know that our loving Father in Heaven has put us on earth to succeed, not to fail. OUR ATTITUDE AFFECTS OUR HAPPINESS. Two friends were preparing to go to the same summer camp for a month. Steven thought that summer camp was a waste of time and that all the popular kids were staying home, sleeping in and playing video games. He did not see any point in going to the classes or participating in any of the activities, but his parents had paid for the camp and insisted that he go. Richard, on the other hand, had been saving up for camp, doing yard work and other jobs to earn money. He loved learning new things and making friends. He packed his entire suitcase three days before he left, and as he walked out the door he promised to send postcards to each member of his family. If you asked Steven and Richard about their camp experiences when they got home, what do you think they would say? How might their responses be different? Why?
What can we do to have a positive attitude? Think about Laman and Lemuel? What kind of attitudes did they have? What kind of an attitude did Nephi and Sam have?
* Shell – Be Still
Ask what it is. Why do you think a shell would symbolize being still? If you are quiet and still you can hear the sound of the ocean in the shell. But if you are too wiggly or noisy you can*t hear the ocean at all. Trying to find the sound of the ocean in this shell is kind of like trying to feel the holy ghost at church or in primary, or kind of like catching a butterfly. If you*re wiggling too much or being too loud it*s hard to catch that reverent feeling. Sometimes we call the holy ghost a still, small voice. We have to be still, or we might not hear it. Can you name some ways that you can be still?
* Mittens – Be Involved
We can be involved in the community by giving service to other people who may be in need.. I want to tell you a story about how a woman named Mary Moody remembers service and a pair of red mittens.
*When I was a little girl, I lived in the small town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. In town was a school for the deaf. Each school year, deaf children from the surrounding farming communities would live with families in town so that they could go to school. One year, Tom, age ten, and Bernie, age eleven, lived with our family. We didn*t have much money, but we had a lot of love to share.

The boys came with a limited amount of clothing, but it did include a warm jacket and hat for the bitter Wisconsin winters. However, neither boy had mittens or gloves. It just so happened that Mom was famous for her hand-knit mittens. She had made them for years as gifts for family, friends, and neighbors.

Mom asked the boys if they would like to have a pair of her mittens for themselves, and they both smiled and nodded. She had them trace their hands on a piece of paper and choose a color for their mittens. They both chose red.. The mittens were completed in a few evenings, and Tom and Bernie wore them to school the following day.

After school, they returned home and excitedly told Mom that some of the other children at the school also needed mittens. They asked her if she would make some for them. Mom agreed and asked the boys to have each child who needed mittens trace his or her hands on a piece of paper and write the color of mittens wanted.

Tom and Bernie came home from school the next day with 137 pieces of paper, all requesting red mittens! Mom looked a little surprised, but she was undaunted. It was the end of September. She figured how long it would take to knit each pair and decided that she could have all 137 pairs finished just before Christmas.

At this point, I became involved in the plan. Yarn did not come ready to use, as it does now. It came in skeins that needed to be wound into balls. I spent many evenings for the next few months with my elbows propped up on several books, a skein of yarn stretched between my wrists, and Mom winding the red yarn into balls.

December 22 was a crisp winter day. Outside a light snow was falling. On this day, Tom and Bernie proudly took 137 pairs of red mittens to school. Mom had made it!

Many years have passed since that day in December. Dad died, my brothers grew up, and Mom eventually moved to Oregon. Through the years, Mom lost track of Tom and Bernie. When she grew old and became ill, she moved back to Wisconsin to live with my brother John. Shortly afterward, she died.

We held a small graveside service for family members in the cemetery, where she would be buried next to Dad. It was December 22*a crisp winter day. At the cemetery, a light snow was falling.

As the short service ended, I noticed two figures coming toward us in the distance. I didn*t recognize the man or the boy, who looked to be about ten. As the two came closer, I noticed that the boy was wearing a pair of red mittens. Then the man smiled, and my brother and I recognized him. It was Bernie!

*I read about your mother*s death in the newspaper yesterday,* he said. *I had to come. She was very important in my life.*

I noted the red mittens on the boy*s hands. *Surely those aren*t the same red mittens that Mom knitted for you?* I asked in surprise.

*They are,* he assured me. *My five sons have all worn them, too.. They are a symbol of a loving, caring, and sharing woman whom I have never forgotten. I will treasure these red mittens forever.*

When we do service for others it shows how much we love and care for God*s children.

I have a fun way to help us remember what we should be.

Look at your thumb.
A thumb is very important.. Without it, it would be difficult to grasp many things. We should “BE GRATEFUL for our thumbs”

Look at your index finger
Tap the side of your head: we must all learn as much as we can in life. Read good books ~ get an education. We need to be SMART.

Look at your middle finger
Well, don*t we know what many use that finger for! But we don*t, because we are CLEAN.

Look at your ring finger
What do married couples have on this finger? A ring is a symbol for eternity. We must be TRUE to the covenant we make.

Look at your little finger
It is the smallest of them all, but important. So it has to BE HUMBLE.

Both hands folded as in prayer
We need to pray more, to be in contact with our Father in Heaven. So BE PRAYERFUL

Both thumbs do a thumbs up
It always helps people to feel good when we give them a thumbs up. So BE POSITIVE.

Both arms move as though you are running
We should have fun and enjoy uplifting activities, So BE INVOLVED

Fold your arms in front of you
And so we can feel the spirit of the Lord BE STILL