Colors Of The Month

Originally posted on Primary to Go

A rainbow is the symbol of promise.  Each color has many different symbolizations.
I have combined the colors of the rainbow with ideas for sharing time & a theme for that week.
Use the color for anything printed that month. So all January’s bookmarks, inservice invites, etc…
will be in pink. Making it easy to tell at a glance what month it is for.

1. Pink-Trust—I can trust Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. Sharing time-“Trust in the Lord
2. Yellow-Happiness—Happiness comes from choosing Heavenly Fathers plan. Sharing time-“The Plan of Happiness
3. Green-Knowledge—We can gain knowledge from prophets & apostles. Sharing time-“Follow the Prophets
4. Red-Love— Heavenly Father loves us & gave us a promise of eternal life. Sharing time-“The Saviors love
5. Sky Blue-Unity—Children all over the world can unite & share the gospel. Sharing time-“Let your light shine
6. Orange-Strength—I gain strength when I obey the commandments. Sharing time-“Keep the commandments
7. Blue-Peace—The gospel can bring us peace. Sharing time-“Peace, be still
8. Pale Green-Growth—Growth comes from studying the scriptures. Sharing time-“Study the Book of Mormon
9. Chartreuse-Joy—I will have joy when I obey Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. Sharing time-“If I chose to obey, I’ll be happy all day
10. Goldenrod-Wisdom—I gain wisdom from the prophets teachings. Sharing time-“I can follow the prophet today
11. Violet-Gratitude—I am grateful for my many blessings. Sharing time-“I am glad for many things
12. Purple-Royal—We are of royal lineage, covenant children. Sharing time-“A sacred promise