Plan of Salvation

I wanted to share an idea I had for Sharing Time. We did this today and had such an amazing response from the kids and their parents. I’ve actually been called at home by parents wanting to thank me. However, all thanks and praise goes to the Lord who truly inspired me with this. I thought maybe you could share it so others can use it.

I had two men come to Sharing Time. One has a very strong personality…very outgoing and well known. The other was a quiet member. He’s soft spoken, not really outgoing and not very well known. I told the kids that the Primary wanted to plan a trip for them but we couldn’t decide on what to do. We told them we asked some of the adults in the ward if they had any thoughts and these two brothers each had a plan. I told the kids they were going to present the plans to the kids so the KIDS could choose which plan to follow.

The first man’s plan was so take everyone to the amusement park at the same time, do the same things, eat the same foods. HE was going to plan it all out so that no one would get lost, or hurt, or sick. Then the second man presented HIS plan. We would go, but instead of making everyone do the same thing, they’d have the ability to choose what they did. He told them there would be guidelines and that there would be leaders there to help them, and they could even stay in groups (like a family). But ultimately, the kids would be the ones to choose what kind of experience they had on this trip.

We let the 2 men present their plans, let them have a “rebutle”, the teachers got involved and asked questions about what they could expect and then we had the kids take a vote on which plan to follow. It was such an interesting result! The Junior Primary was almost exactly 2/3 to 1/3. With the majority following the second man. The 1/3 that went with the first, went because he promised them security and safety. Much like the adversary plays on the fears and weaknesses of man. The senior Primary actually was split half and half. Until they realized what the exercise was about and then they changed sides.

We closed with an introduction to the Plan of Salvation and an explanation that the great council in Heaven was probably much the same. That we had to choose, and that all of us that are on the earth chose to follow the Savior. It was SUCH an amazing Sharing Time! And the best part is….it was totally inspired!!

Donna Sivertson