Escape Room Activity
Escape Room Activity

Escape Room Activity

This is a fun idea shared by Jenise B. from the MT View ward in AZ The only direction I have are what is listed below. 

Relief Society Family History Escape Room

#1. Silver number lock on black box. Find birthday card with poem leading them to a bowl of gummy bears. Count gummy bears and put in the order stated in poem to reveal the code(2975).  Inside is missing puzzle pieces. Follow directions to open locker lock on tackle box(13,24,7).

#2. Locker lock on tackle box. Inside is a key to open a suitcase.


#3. Key lock on Suitcase. Inside suitcase is church history books and hidden in one book is Temple bookmark. Use order of temples dedicated and the pictures hanging up to reveal code (5462) and open tool box.


#4. Black bike lock on tool box. Inside is roman numeral number to say code(4951) Also hidden inside is sprinkler hide-a-key for them to use later.


#5. Blue lock on temple bag. Inside bag is dry erase board eraser and locked scissors. They are to use the eraser to erase the white board and reveal scripture written in sharpie. Look up scripture to reveal the code for word lock(hymn)


#6. Word lock on suitcase. Inside is clip art pictures of water and sprinklers. They go back to toolbox and find the sprinkler head with a key inside.


#7. Black lock on stack of chairs. In between chairs is a paper “key” to the family history story. Place key on story to reveal code(1124)


#8.   Lock on cooler bag. Inside is a key frozen in a small block of ice. Break or melt to get key.

#9. Locked scissors. Once unlocked use scissors to cut zip ties simulating a locked door and ESCAPE!!

This room was designed for 8-10 people at a time. It took an average of 45 minutes to get out. After the first 15 minutes, we allowed them to ask yes or no questions if they were stuck. All groups so far have needed a little help. We also could choose whether or not we were going to answer a question. If the question was too vague or would give them too much help we would say “I cannot answer that.” We also had some decoy clues hidden around. For example, riddles written on index cards, prophets quotes on the chalkboards and filled each locked bag or suitcase with random items so it wasn’t as obvious what the important clues or objects were.