Address Labels Gift Idea


Thanks to Lynette for giving sharing this idea!

Hi everyone,
Here is a gift ideas that was given to me that I thought was so cool.
The relief society presidency on my Birthday gave me a card and in the card was about 20 of the cutest address labels that one of them had made on the computer and they are so easy, personal and useful!

IF you are good with the computer you just buy blank labels (I did have to buy a Hallmark card program) to help me make them. Then I just pick clipart that would go with the person who I am making them for and then you put their address on them and presto, a very useful, personal gift!

I am not very good at all on the things you can do on the computer so if you need more info than this just ask one of your kids or a computer techie and they will be all over it!

Good Luck!