The Living Christ Picture and Mat / Greg Olsen mat
The Living Christ Picture and Mat / Greg Olsen mat

The Living Christ Picture and Mat / Greg Olsen mat

The Living Christ Picture and Mat / Greg Olsen mat


Here are some picture of the way you lay out the pictures to make this mat, you use the “Images of the Savior” By Greg Olsen, there are 12- 2 1/2 x 4″ cards, the cost on the package says $4.98, but costs might vary depending on where you get them. You need to use is an 11 X 14 with inside of 8 x10. Also I’m not sure if you can see, but one of the templates overlaps the other in the upper left hand corner indicated by little hash or dashed line. The two templates this is applicable is “Forever & Ever” and “In His Constant Care” The line closest to 3rd right is the cutting line for “Forever & Ever” .




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Another Way



LivingChristPicture-A166 LivingChristPicture-B168 LivingChristPicture-C169

You can download layouts and instructions here:

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{edocs}/images/craftfiles/picture layout.pdf,600,400,link{/edocs}


pdfcolor picture layout.pdf1.34 MB

{edocs}/images/craftfiles/color picture layout.pdf,600,400,link{/edocs}


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The Living Christ



Supplies: 1- 11×14 inch Frame, 1 package Greg Olsen “Images of the Savior”, 1 picture of the Savior in Red Robe, 1 Living Christ Testimony of the Apostles, glue stick, scissors, pencil.


. Write your name on sticky note or tape and attach to frame.

. Take the mat out of the frame.

. Wash the glass with paper towel and windex. Allow to dry.


Preparing pictures for mat:

  1. Review attached sheets. Each picture has a number. Write that number on the back of each picture with a pencil.
  1. Cut out attached picture copies, do not cut off white edge if present. These will become your exact patterns.
  1. Lay the patterns on your mat to see how they fit. #1 is placed in the top left corner. Place patterns in number order clockwise around the mat. #13 should end up right below #1.
  1. You are now ready to cut out your pictures.
  1. Begin with #1. Match up pattern to picture exactly. Gently trace pattern onto picture.
  1. Be careful to cut straight edges.
  1. Do not glue any pictures in place until all have been cut and properly placed.
  1. I recommend working with pictures for placement in this order: 1,4,2,3,7,5,6,11,10,8,9,12,13. Most pictures will overlap just a touch (some will overlap, some underlap). Refer to display.
  1. Do not worry about outside picture edges that extend over mat. This will be trimmed at the end.
  1. Once all pictures are placed and fit properly, glue them into place.
  1. Allow glue to dry for about 15 minutes- then trim outside edges with scissors. This edge will not show.
  1. Center “The Living Christ” paper on the back of mat. Tape from behind.
  1. Place in frame.