Pursuit of Excellence Bingo
Pursuit of Excellence Bingo

Pursuit of Excellence Bingo

I was in a stake in Alabama that was big into the Pursuit of Excellence. We had a sister called as the Pursuit of Excellence coordinator, or leader or something like that for our ward. What the stake did was each month they made a bingo sheet, each square with goals on it that you could try to accomplish that month that tied in with the Pursuit of Excellence. The middle space was a free one. Mostly the squares would all be different every month. I wish I'd kept one because I could scan it and send it to you. Some of the things in the squares were about cleaning (wipe your baseboards in your house, dust your window sills, wash your windows) there was usually one or two cleaning ones each month. There were several PHT (Personal History Topics) each month. It would say "PHT: Tell about your best friend growing up" or "PHT: describe your senior year in high school". Those were topics to try to get you to write in your journal things that you wouldn't necessarily think of writing down. One month is said "give your RS president a hug", one month it said make a treat for the missionaries". There was always a box that said "Do your visiting teaching", "read the RS lessons before the lesson on Sundays", "read the Gospel Doctrine lesson before each Sunday" and "attend Home Family & Personal Enrichment Night". There were like 5 squares across and 5 down, so 25 total. It was very creative. I would pin it to my fridge and try to make at least a row each month. The sister called in the ward to that calling would be in charge of distributing the bingo sheets every month. She was to motivate us. What our sister did was find a small reward if you made a bingo for the month. Like a candy bar or something of the like. She had a small budget to do that. Then at the end of the year the stake rewarded sisters that had done it each month for all 12 months. I did that and received a certificate and a Relief Society "Charity Never Faileth" gold pendant (which I'm so sad b/c my then 2 year old got into my jewelry box and I haven't seen it since!!)
Anyway I hope what I'm trying to tell you about is clear. I thought it was very effective and that was the only time I'd ever been challenged to do the Pursuit of Excellence.
Jessica in NC

Bingo Cards

Hi, I am doing the bingo cards for the Pursuit of excellence program.  I am looking forward to it! I wanted to share my bingo cards.  I made only 5 cards I plan to send them out every other month. I used climbing the steps to excellence for my bingo spaces. I wanted to share!

Trina Contreras