Ward Relief Society Presidency Meeting


The Relief Society presidency holds a presidency meeting regularly. The president presides at the meeting and conducts it. The secretary attends, takes notes, and keeps track of assignments.

The agenda may include the following items:

  1. Discuss ways to organize, teach, and inspire sisters in the work of Relief Society.
  2. Review counsel and assignments from the bishop, including assignments from ward council meetings, and plan ways to fulfill them.
  3. Discuss ways to help Relief Society sisters and their families meet welfare needs. This may include discussions about compassionate service.
  4. Review visiting teachers’ efforts to watch over and strengthen Relief Society sisters and their families. Give special attention to the needs of new members in Relief Society and young single adult sisters.
  5. Discuss the effectiveness of teaching in Sunday Relief Society meetings and other Relief Society meetings and make plans to improve.
  6. Plan Relief Society meetings.
  7. Consider sisters to be called to serve in Relief Society, and prepare recommendations for the Relief Society president to share with the bishopric. Also consider sisters to ask to help with short-term assignments.

Here is an example of what we had on our agenda:

You can download it here, it is in a word doc file

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Ward Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda








Welfare, Visiting Teaching and Concerns:



Additional RS Meeting:

Transition Sisters:

Next Meeting: