Small and Simple Visiting Teaching Ideas

Small and Simple Visiting Teaching Ideas

"Small and Simple" Visiting Teaching Ideas

Sit with her in Relief Society
Always say *hello* when you see her
Find common interests or hobbies
Attend something she is involved in
Remember her birthday, and any other holiday
Invite her to attend HF&P Enrichment Meeting with you
Invite her to attend Ward Relief Society temple day with you
Invite her to breakfast or lunch on her birthday
Offer to run errands for her when you*re out anyway
Offer to pick something up at the grocery store when you go
Make extra goodies when you bake. Drop a plate by her house with a note
Make sure she has a ward list
Write her a letter and mail it. . .everyone loves mail
Offer to help her with housework
Offer to teach her something that is your specialty
Take a Scripture or thought on a pretty piece of cardstock
If you miss her at church, call and tell her you missed her
Call or e-mail for no reason, except that you care
Tell her she is incredible, because she is!
Keep things she tells you in confidence a secret
Rave about her behind her back. Let others know of her good qualities
Be a shoulder to cry on. Don*t forget the tissues
Write your visiting teacher a note of appreciation

What About the Kids?

Meet at the park, or McDonalds
Invite her to your house (with the kids)
Load the kids in strollers (or bikes) and go for a walk together
Arrange a play-day with all the sisters you visit
Arrange for a sitter for all the kids, and go to lunch!

If She*s Worried About Her House Being a Mess

Meet outside
Have the sister come to your house
Offer to come during laundry time and match socks for her
Help! Many hands make light work

Suggestions for a Greater Spiritual Connection

Seek to know her. . . really know her
Pray for her specifically
Bear your testimony to her, and help her strengthen hers
Fast and pray for her, if you are aware of a problem she is facing
Live in such a way that the Holy Ghost can prompt you (Then HEED the prompt)