6 B’s of VT

6 B’s of VT

Thanks to Judy and Rochelle, of Euless, Texas

Thought someone else could use the info we put together for our VT conference last year.  The theme was the 6 B’s of VT.  The table decorations were great!  I took 6″ clay pots, turned them upside down and painted them to look like beehives.  Bought cute fuzzy bees at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby with one coming out of the top, one on the back and one coming out the painted door on front.  Had greenery also coming out of the top and around the base.  Used our White table cloths but had black and white checked fabric over a base that the beehive then was sitting on.  Used black and white checked fabric and tied around the silverware that was wrapped in a yellow paper napkin.

I spoke on how important every bee in the hive is and how they serve and help each other. And compared it to VT.  The VT supervisor also spoke.  The people in the skit had those cut headbands with bee antenas on top.   I had some cute clip art of beehives that I will try and attach for invitations. (unable to get the clip art to download but the message that was on them is attached.) We had small jars of honey on every table and the baskets with the homemade rolls had the same fabric in it also on each table.  (here are the files she sent on WORD)

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OCTOBER 12, 2006

QUEEN BEE:  “Hello sister worker bees.  Thank you for attending our swarm today.  The latest buzz is that we have added three new “wanna bee” sister worker bees to our hive.  We would like to welcome them at this time.”

“Would you sisters stand and give us your name?”

#1 – I am sister Can Bee

#2 – I am sister Will Bee

#3 – I am sister Shall Bee

QUEEN:  “It is so great to have you with us.  You will be able to get to know our other sister worker bees shortly.”

“Sister Bees, as you know we all have a very important work to do.  It is that of a visiting teacher.  This is no job for a drone!  We have so many sister bees in our hive who need our attention and there is nothing that gets my stinger up faster than finding out about a sister bee who did not get contacted during the month.”

Remember the Six B’s that our bee keeper, President Hinckley, spoke about?  Let’s all repeat them together.”









QUEEN BEE:  “Now that we are all sure we know the Six B’s, let’s talk about how we can apply these qualities to our visiting teaching skill.  Sister Busy Bee, tell us how you think GRATITUDE helps you to bee a better visiting teacher.

BUSY BEE:  – gives very short explanation on the B of gratitude.

QUEEN BEE: That was wonderful, thank you.  Now Sister DOBEE, do you think a good visiting teacher must beee Smart?

DOBEE – replies that it helps because we must work smart in our visiting teaching.  The way we do this is…..short message.

QUEEN BEE – Thank you so much for your thoughts.  We know what intelligent creatures we bees need to be.  Sister BuzzBee you understand how important it is for us bees to keep our hive clean but what are your thoughts about how we need to be clean in order to fulfill our calling as a visiting teacher.

BUZZBEE – Gives message on “B” Clean.

QUEEN BEE – Well, so far I can see that you sister bees are the “Honey” of this hive.   Sister NeedBee we haven’t heard from you yet.  Can you share your thoughts with us on “being” True?

NEEDBEE – short message on the B of True

QUEEN BEE – Thank you Sister NeedBee.  We definitely know how important that one is to be a successful visiting teacher.  Sister MayBee, the 5th “B” is to B Humble, certainly that is a vital element of being a good visiting teacher.  Wouldn’t you agree?

SISTER MAYBEE – Explains Humble

QUEEN BEE – And now the last but certainly not least of the six “B’s” is Prayerful.  Why is this so important Sister HoneyBee?

HONEYBEE – gives thought about being Prayerful.

QUEEN BEE – Thank you Sister HoneyBEE and thank all of you for being such good worker bees and helping with such an important task.  That is all of our “B’s” for today.

SISTER CANBEE – Wait, I have a thought of another B, Be Happy!

SISTER WILL BE – How about Be There?

SISTER SHALL BEE – And Be a Friend!

QUEEN BEE – That is very good.  I think you new sister bees have been gathering lots of pollen today.  I can see that you will be a valuable addition to our hive.  May we all spread lots of sweet honey as we become real busy bees and visit teach each and every one of our sister bees.  We would like to end our swarm today with a very special treat.  A little song that will help us remember what visiting teaching all about.


(Two sisters sing)

I looked out my bee hive and what did I see?

Sisters waiting for a visit from me.

I will bring them such a nice surprise,

Cookies, flowers or some fruity pies.

I could take a message that is so sweet

A thought from the Ensign that can’t be beat.

It’s lots of fun you see, to get a call from me.

A visiting teacher is the thing to be!

(One sister sings)

I looked out my bee hive and what did I see?

Visiting teachers on the way to see me.

Cheerful faces and a lovely smile

It’s so nice to sit and chat awhile.

I can have a friendship that never ends.

Helping hands and two thoughtful friends.

It’s very nice you see that they will visit me.

A visiting teacher is the thing to be.