Ice cream social with RS presidency

When I was in the RS Presidency just before being called as our YW President, we
did a special ice cream social with our presidency and the new girls coming in. It was very informal. We met at the President’s home and made our sundaes and shared interests with each other. We talked to the girls about what their plans were and learned more about them. Then we put together some special welcome packages for each on that we delivered the following Sunday. We included a copy of the Relief Society declaration and a special letter from us, (the president wrote a sweet note about how the RS sisters are not just all old and serious and we explained that just as they had a theme in YW, the RS had
one too – the declaration) a magnet with our presidency information, the monthly RS
bulletin, a RS logo pendant and RS list. Our entire presidency went in the following Sunday to present the graduating girls with their packages.