Laurel Legacy

Laurel Legacy

We have a Laurel Legacy just before camp to get our Laurels jazzed up to be YCLs, but we incorporate mini-classes that they suggest, and it has been great for the last two years! You might think about doing something like that in conjunction with the Stake, maybe, so your girls don’t feel like they are being singled out.

Here is what we have done:

We had our LL at the Institute Building (I am in Raleigh , BTW), and the Institute president was thrilled to have the girls there. They now know where it is, and by being in the building, they can see some of what goes on there.

We did an all-morning activity, with a brunch and 3 or 4 mini classes that the girl’s rotated through. We all met together afterwards to do camp stuff, and have a lesson on how to give a devotional.

The classes were taught by sisters in our Stake, and one that has been requested twice was “The REAL World – Life After High School”. Last year, it was taught by a sister that had just gotten her degree at a local University, and was heading out into the workforce. This year, it was taught by a young sister from my ward that is starting her third year at BYU-Idaho. They both talked about how they adjusted to roommates, how important college has been to them not only in their dating and social lives, but how it has
strengthened their testimonies. They also pointed out that 1/3 of the women in the Church are single, whether never-married or divorced or widowed, and it is good to have a career path that you can take to be able to support yourself (and your family) if you need to.

Other classes (in the last two years) have been: “Recognizing and listening to the Spirit”, “Modesty Chic”, “Dating Family Feud – what the YM are REALLY thinking”, “Self Worth” and “The Dating Game – Creative Dating Ideas”. If you want information on any of these classes, let me know.

Hope this helps! We still have YW talking about the LL from 2003, and the 2004 one was at the same time as “Time Out for Women”, but the ones that came really enjoyed the classes!