A Frog Went By – YW personal progress “frog theme”

YW personal progress “frog theme”  – A Frog Went by

Our theme this year for New Beginnings was “Leap into Personal Progress” and we held it on leap day. I am not in our ward YW anymore but they asked me to do a skit for the evening to introduce PP and then the PP coordinator would go into more detail. Below is what I wrote for the skit. I work with children 4yrs and younger so my inspiration was the book “A Fly Went By”. I hope someone else finds this useful. One more thing, we used a young women that had just aged out of the young women’s program as the frog.

E. Cooper
Anderson, CA

A Frog Went By

#1– We sat by the lake and looked at the sky, and as we looked a frog went by.

#2-She seemed upset, she looked hurried; I asked her why she looked so worried.

Frog-Me worried? Why yes I’m scared, for my personal progress I’m not prepared.

#2-We looked at the frog and we understood, but we could help her and we knew that we would.

#1-I said, “Froggie, girl you listen here, with personal progress there’s no need to fear!”

Frog-No need to fear! I think your mistaken, there are so many values my confidence shakin.’

#2-It’s eight little values just take a look, they’re all right here in this little pink book.

#1-They all have a goal and the goal is quite clear, they all will ensure the spirit stays near.

Frog-They all have good goals, or so you say, But how can they help me along my way? I am so busy with schoolwork and such, this work is extra and seems like too much.

#2– Lets take a look let’s break it down, you’ll see it can work and there’s no need to frown.

#1-The first value is faith, and here’s what you do, you have hope for things which are not seen, which are true.

#2-Divine nature is next and that is good, it help you understand and appreciate womanhood.

#1-Individual Worth is third and it is a great addition, it helps you to know you are of

infinite worth with your own divine mission.


#2-The next value is knowledge and you must be discerning, to seek opportunities for growth and continual learning.

#1-Choice and accountability is a value the needs no revisions, you should choose good over evil and accept responsibility for your decisions.

#2-Good works is fun and if you’re not nervous, you can build the kingdom of God through righteous service.

#1-Integrity is seventh and the end is end site, with this value you’ll learn to choose the right.

#2-The last value is virtue and it is very simple, Guard your virtue always to enter the Temple.

#Frog--It seems like a lot, it seems like so many,

#1-Look at the bright side at least it’s not twenty.

#2-Don’t listen to her, its as easy as pie, you can do it no problem, just give it a try.

#1-Include your values in your day-to-day dealings and soon you’ll start to have heavenly feelings.

#2-Everyday goals are what it’s about; so don’t get worked up, sit back and chill out.

#1-Your parents can help and you leaders will too, sit down, read the book, and you’ll know what to do.

#2-The frog thought about this and pondered awhile, then jumped right up and said with a smile,

Frog-I’ll do my best; I’ll give it a try, this personal progress just might get me a guy!

And not just any guy will do for my house, Personal Progress will get me an Eternal Spouse!