The Big Picture another variation
The Big Picture another variation

The Big Picture another variation

New Beginnings – The Big Picture variation

This is shared to us from A. Parker (thank you)

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I have attached PDF files of what the girls read and my talk. I only included the PDF of the pictures/aspects of the program b/c the file is too large with all the pictures in it. My 1st counselor sewed each of the girls an owl to keep in their room to remind them of “Whooo they are becoming” and my 2nd counselor is a photographer, and she took pictures of the night. When I get copies of them I can send them as well so you can see what we did for our minimal decorations and refreshments.

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We used the Big Picture Idea, but put our own little twist on it. Our program is fairly small, but growing, so we only have 1 class presidency instead of one for each class. They decided they wanted to use an owl theme of “Whooo are you becoming” for New Beginnings.   With that as the base, I used the big picture idea for the presentation by our girls and for my talk. Instead of just using the theme I used the different aspects of the YW program, found below, that we are supposed to introduce to the upcoming beehives and their families. I found corresponding images, none copyrighted that I am aware of, and used the color picture of the SLC temple that is already on the site. I need to say that the value owls were found here: They were perfect for what we did and for our theme! I used the church descriptions from the handbook and for each of the different aspects of the program except for Come, Follow Me. I couldn’t find a good short description of it so I wrote one. Each girl was given the paper she was to hang on the board as well as a copy of what she was supposed to read. I also asked each girl to share with everyone how that aspect of the program has helped her in her life if she wanted to. We didn’t force any of the girls to do anything they weren’t comfortable with. We even got our investigator to be involved!! We were able to have every girl do at least 2 aspects, and some did 3. You will see in our program they also did the music, theme, and prayers. I used the talk from The Big Picture #2, but changed it to include the other aspects of the program. It turned out great and I was so proud of all the girls and I know they all loved being so involved. I adjusted the talk and then printed the pictures, and some got out of order so if others use my talk they can just adjust the order of the pictures, adjust the talk or not have them flipped over in order.

 1. Purpose of YW

2. Theme

3. Motto/Logo

4. Faith

5. Divine Nature

6. Individual Worth

7. Knowledge

8. Choice & Accountability

9. Good Works

10. Integrity

11. Virtue

12. Personal Progress

13. YW Camp

14. 2013 Mutual Theme

15. For the Strength of Youth

16. Come, Follow Me

Here is a copy of our program. I took out the names for privacy reasons.

Conducting: Laurel president

Opening Song: #304, Teach me to Walk in the Light

Chorister: YW

Pianist: YW

Opening Prayer: YW

Young Women Theme – YW

Introduction of Class Officers – 1st counselor (The class presidency read the description of each class and explanation of the symbol when they were introduced as a presidency.)

Intro of new Beehives – 2nd counselor

Presentation by girls

“Whooo Are You Becoming?” – YW president

Closing Remarks: Bishop

Closing Song: I Love to See the Temple

Closing Prayer: YW

Download files here: – if you want the temple pictures, you can download them on the first page The Big Picture!