10 virgins

We did this for an activity night. We told the girls we were going to make cookies for our activity and had them sign up for an ingredient to bring. We had our activity at the church and the leaders made sure not to bring anything (no ingredients or measuring cups etc.) just a bowl and a spoon. It ended up that one girl didn’t show up (she had signed up for to bring some flour) and many other girls didn’t bring their item measured or a measuring
cup, so they just had to guess.  Well, in the end the cookies were a big flop.  We cooked them anyway, and while they were cooking we talked about the 10 Virgins, read the scripture, gave out little postcards of the paintings and then talked about the symbols in the painting.  Then we tied it in with our activity and how everyone needed to be prepared etc.  At the end we talked about unity and how we all needed to be prepared for our cookies to be a success, so we all want to help each other be a “wise” virgin.