Orientation Young Women Leaders Booklet

Orientation Young Women Leaders Booklet

Here is a booklet I put together that we handed out to all the YW leaders

Here are some ideas of What to put in a leaders binder


  • For The Standards of youth
  • YW CAMP Manual
  • Personal Progress
  • Person Progress Journal
  • Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth
  • True To the Faith
  • Monthly calendar with upcoming events and lesson/activity planning
  • Rotation sheet /Lesson Schedule
  • Contact list (leaders and YW)
  • YW Values sheet
  • Request for Ward Funds forms
  • Church Handbook of Instructions: Section 4 – Young Women
  • Church Handbook of Instructions: Section 16 – Gospel Teaching and Leadership
  • Notebook of blank paper
  • Progress Tracking Sheet


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 Text that is in the Leadership Booklet
Orientation for Ward Leaders

Your most important responsibility as a Young Woman leader is to help The Young Women grow spiritually. The Young Women program is to help each young women “come unto Christ” (Moroni 10:32) By following the Savior’s example and teaching, she can fulfill her mortal mission and return to live with her Heavenly Father.The Young Women program Is simply a tool to help you provide spiritual experiences, meaningful involvement, and caring relationships. Each YW has an area of risk in her life.. .even the very active cheerleader and school leader, EVERY YW IS AT RISK! You have been called to love and shepherd some of our Heavenly Father*s children at an especially important time in their lives. As you humbly ask for his help, you will receive the guidance and insight you need to do this work.

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee… I will strengthen thee …. will help thee ….I will uphold thee.* (Isaiah 41:10)

Tools that are available for you:
Young Women Leadership Handbook
Personal Progress Book
YW Camp Manual
Laurel Manual
Mia Maid Manual
Beehive Manual
Activity Book
YW Music Book
For the Strength of Youth Pamphlet
Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth
True To Your Faith Booklet


1. Presides over entire ward YW program
2. Responsible for Sunday Instruction.
3. Works with and supports Laurel adviser.
4. Counsels with Priesthood (monthly PPI).
5. Co-ordinates with Young Men
6. Attends Bishop*s Youth Council meeting.
7. Presides over and conducts ward Young Women presidency. 
8. Helps with Personal Progress.
9. Interviews advisers regularly.
10. Attends ward council meeting (once a month).
11. Is spirituality prepared.
12. Reviews and signs quarterly report.
13. Reviews overall monthly attendance,
14. Responsible for Yearly budget planning.
15. Signs all cheque authorization and expense requests.
16. Attends all Young Women meetings and activities


*Responsible for Mia Maid age group
*Works with and supports Mia Maid adviser
*Responsible for Beehive age group
*Works with and supports Beehive adviser.

Ultimately each counselor is responsible for everything on the list and the activity of each YW
If not there on Sunday or at Mutual call to see why
Help the Young Women plan activities on class nights
Plan with a purpose, think of less active girls and plan activities around their interests.
Plan activities around personal progress goals.
Hold class presidency meetings monthly (or as needed). Use to teach and train. Do a 5-10 min. leadership lesson each time.
Be at presidency and/or board meetings
Attend all Sunday lessons Mutual activities, firesides, stake activities.
Whenever possible be at extracurricular activities of young women.
Make sure each girl is called by the class president before each mutual activity and fireside.
Encourage them to work on Personal Progress.
Get to know your girls, what they do, like, etc.
Use your class presidency, delegate, have them help.
The presidency and advisors work closely together and do not rotate being at activities, etc. They are to attend both Sunday and mutual activities.
Pray for each young woman by name and ask for inspiration to recognize and fulfill her needs.
Plan combined young men-young women activity when in charge


1. Maintains all records accurately.
3. Keeps minutes of presidency meetings and other meetings as assigned.
4. Helps with agendas when assigned.
5. Follow-up on assignments when directed by president.
6. Schedule interviews with Bishopric (YW).
7. Assists and trains Young Women class secretaries,
8. Helps with Personal Progress Program.
9. Prepares and submits monthly report to ward.
10.Maintains budget records.
11. May be called to assist advisers in scheduling Personal Progress interview times and keeping records.
12. Other assignments as requested.
13. Attends Young Women activities as directed by the presidency

Prayerfully and through inspiration meet the needs of the Young Women of whom they have been given stewardship.
Teach Sunday Lessons
Teach correct principles
Involve YW in experiences that implement the 3-Fold Mission of the Church and the Young Women values.
Attend and help with Young Women camp if necessary.
Build testimonies in Young Women.
Interview for Personal Progress 
Help Young Women gain an Identity and feeling of self-worth as members of the Church.
Help Young Women “Come Unto Christ”
Help youth be contributors in their families. schools and communities.
Teach leadership through Presidency experiences and activities,
Be spiritually prepared and set a strong, good example.
Weekly awareness of attendance of age-group.
Attendance at meetings as requested by president – ALL activities; not just Sunday lessons

1. She is interviewed by the Bishop.
2. She is recognized in Sacrament Meeting.
3. She is welcomed into YW by spotlighting her in an opening exercise.
4. She is visited by YW president or age-group counselor, YW class adviser, and Class President in her home prior to her 1st Sunday in YW. It is preferable to have one or both parents present.
5. She is given her Personal Progress Book at the home visit and this is explained to her. 
6. Young Women advance on their birthdays. This is done so they can learn to move independently and strengthen their identity.
The First Presidency has said to young women, “As you participate in Personal Progress, you join with thousands of other young women who are striving to come unto Christ”
Personal Progress is a goal-setting program that helps a young woman develop a testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel. A young woman can work on Personal Progress even if she is the only young woman in her ward or branch.
Personal progress gives a young woman activities to do that will help her:
Know she is a daughter of God. 
Rely upon the Holy Ghost. 
Develop personal religious behaviors, such as prayer, scripture study, obedience to commandments, and service. 
Keep her baptismal covenants and prepare and qualify for temple covenants. 
Develop talents and skills that prepare her for her future roles. 
Establish a pattern of step-by-step progress through her life. 
She will have a pattern of progress for her life that will bring her joy and happiness
Personal Progress Requirements for Young Women**
The following are the requirements for completing Personal Progress for young women:
Live the standards in For the Strength of Youth. The bishop or branch president verifies this in an interview.
Complete six Value Experiences and one Value Project in each of the seven Young Women values. 
A young woman should complete the six experiences in a value before doing the project in that value. 
A parent or Young Women leader should approve the project before she begins. 
A young woman reviews her completed work with a parent or a leader, who initials that experience in her Personal Progress book. 
When all six experiences and the project in a value are completed, a leader may present an achievement emblem to be placed in the back of the Personal Progress book.
Keep a personal journal.
Record her testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Have a personal worthiness interview. 
She can then be presented with the Young Woman Recognition Certificate and Young Womanhood Medallion by a member of the bishopric in sacrament meeting.
After receiving the Young Womanhood Recognition, the young woman should continue to live the standards set forth in For the Strength of Youth and continue to make step-by-step progress in her life.*
1. New Beginnings to be held in January/February every year.
*Attended by Young Women, leaders, stake leaders, parents and Bishopric.
*Informs parents of Young Women program and plans for coming year.
*Could be a time to state intended value projects for Young Women in Excellence Program.
*Emphasizes values.
*Introduces new Young Women.
*Motivates Young Women on Personal Progress.

2. Young Women in Excellence to be held in October/November as a culminating event for Personal Progress. 
*YW chooses a value that she is Interested in understanding on a more personal level
*YW chooses a project that will help her achieve the desired knowledge.
*YW in Excellence allows YW to show what they chose, how they did it and what was learned through the experience.
*Attended by YW, leaders, stake leaders, parents and appropriate priesthood leaders.
3. Standard Events held anytime throughout the year.
*Inform YW (or YM YW) of the standards of the church as they apply to dress, chastity, etc.
*Attended by invitation and under the direct supervision of the Bishop.
*Emphasize eternal goals and moral values.
*See YW handbook for further information.
*Could be YM YW activity, fireside, special class activity. etc.


Encourage the young women to bring their copies of the scriptures to class each week. Teach your lesson in such a manner that the scriptures will be used every week. If time is limited or attention lags, select only those references that will be most effective. Use scriptures wisely. Through your preparation they can become a powerful teaching tool. The young women in your class should read individually from the scriptures during almost every lesson. Motivate them by asking a question or presenting a problem. You will probably want to write the scripture reference on the chalkboard so they will know where to look. Usually a question should be asked before a scripture is read. Otherwise, the young women will likely have to reread the scripture to be able to answer the question. Sometimes a young woman may give the correct answer in her own words without turning to the passage of scripture. When this occurs, ask additional questions to get her to read the scripture; for example, “How did Paul say it?” or “What additional insights can we gain from this passage?” Before you can get the young women excited about searching the scriptures, you must become excited about them yourself. Prepare yourself through in-depth study, prayer, and meditation on those passages you expect class members to read and discuss

This information is quoted from Young Women Manual 1, Resources


On the correct method used when saying the Theme

The Young Women’s Theme is repeated during opening exercises at each Young Women’s meeting. There are a few rules to remember when repeating the Theme:

“The Young Women theme helps each young woman understand her identity, purpose, and destiny as a daughter of God. Young women and their leaders repeat the theme during Sunday opening exercises and at other Young Women gatherings. The simple pattern for repeating the theme is exemplified in the annual general Young Women meeting. Additional words or themes repeated in conjunction with the theme are not necessary or appropriate.” (Source: LDS.org – YW Theme and Logo,)

One way to make Mutual meaningful is to reinforce Sunday lessons on Mutual night. For example, you could reinforce a lesson on the art of homemaking by teaching a specific homemaking skill during Mutual.” – YW General Presidency, “Planning Meaningful Mutual Activities,” Ensign, Sept. 2000, 70. 
Mutual provides opportunities to do the following: 
**Meet in a social setting 
**Apply gospel principles 
**Strengthen testimonies 
**Provide service 
**Develop wholesome relationships 
**Reach out to less-active youth 
**Prepare for missionary work and the temple. 
**Develop home arts skills. 
**Develop cultural awareness and nurture talents. 
**Develop physical skills and participate in sports. 
**Focus on the specific needs or interests of the young women in the ward or branch. 
**Support and involve the family as appropriate. 
**Work on Personal Progress. 
Mutual should be held at the same day, time, and place weekly. The lessons and activities are planned by leaders and youth, and include opening exercises, class or quorum activities, and an optional practice or social activity. After opening exercises, which includes a song, prayer, spiritual thought, scripture theme practice, and announcements, the youth may stay together for a combined youth activity (Young Men and Women leaders and youth together) or separate for combined YW activities (Beehives, Mia Maids, Laurels, and Young Women’s leaders together), or a class activity (just the Beehives class and Beehive Leaders or just the Laurels class and leaders). Young Men, Young Women, and their leaders meet together as a combined group for opening exercises. 
“Mutual is fundamental to all that we are trying to do with and for the Young Women and the Young Men. Many parents recognize that when youth reach the adolescent years, they benefit from positive influences to reinforce and supplement the correct principles taught at home. No matter how clearly we understand the resources of the achievement programs for both Young Men and Young Women, if Mutual is not properly in place, our efforts are more likely to fail” (Elder Cecil O. Samuelson, Quorum of the Seventy). 
Mutual Opening Exercises 
Begin Mutual by inviting the Spirit. Involve youth in a short opening meeting (often called “opening exercises”). 
Opening exercises should include a prayer and a hymn. Opening exercises may also include:
**A talk about the annual Mutual theme. 
**Testimonies about the standards in For the Strength of Youth. 
**Introduction of friends and visitors. 
**Opportunities for youth to share a talent or hobby. 
**Recognition of good things youth have done. 
**Music practice. 
“What can 15 minutes each week of well-prepared, spiritual involvement do for a youth over six years?”
*Elaine S. Dalton, second counselor, Young Women general presidency