Chews Your Value Game
Chews Your Value Game

Chews Your Value Game

Chews Your Value Game (Virture is not include4d in this game.. sorry I need to add it)


Here is a fun game you can do with the girls, we used bubble gum balls for this game, but I think you could use anything you want. Have the girls answer the questions and then count up each color which ever one they have the least amount of, they might consider choosing a project dealing the value.

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Paper to fill out on what to work on

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Chews Your Value Game

Faith – White
Divine Nature – Blue
Individual Worth – Red
Knowledge – Green
Choice & Accountability – Orange
Good Works – Yellow
Integrity – *Purple

Which Personal Progress goal would you be more likely to choose?

1. Work to stop criticizing and or complaining.***Blue
Write a thank you note to someone who did something for you.**Red

2. Create a poem, story, article, or work of literature that illustrates a gospel principle.**Green
*Be selective about the TV programs you watch*Orange

3.*Tutor a friend and help her understand her school work. Yellow
*Intentionally be a good influence on your friends.*Purple

4. Bear your testimony.***White
Talk with your grandparents or an older LDS couple about qualities needed for a successful, happy marriage.**Blue
5. Baby-sit for free.***Yellow
*Make friends with someone who needs a friend.**Red
6.*Apologize to and do something nice for someone you made unhappy.**Orange
*Talk to your mom or other mothers about motherhood.*Blue

7. Organize a family photo album.***Red
*Participate in appropriate Sunday activities.**Orange

8. Learn a new recipe.***Green
*Give your honest opinion when someone asks.*Purple

9. Read a New Era article.***White
*Watch a TV show on the effects of alcohol.**Green

10. Help your family when asked even if you don*t feel like it.***Orange
*Help someone outside your family.***Yellow

11. Get to bed on time.***Red
*Stay up to finish a book report.**Green

12. Forgive someone who hurt you.**Blue
Turn down an invitation to a party where a video of questionable content will be shown. *Purple

13. Give a family home evening lesson on a family problem.***White
*Give your sister a perm because she thinks her hair is ugly.**Red

14. Be cheerful even when you don*t get your way.**Orange
*Buy the more modest dress even though it is more expensive or less *in style*. *Purple

15. Read the scriptures 15 minutes.****White
*Help a brother or sister with homework.**Yellow*

16. Stop an argument.***Blue
*Talk to an adult about some question you have. *Green

17. Listen to a friend talk about his or her problems.**Red
*Write a letter to a missionary or a friend who moved.***Yellow

18. Learn or create something new for the fun of it.**Green
*Clean your room as you promised you would.**Purple

19. Invite a nonmember friend to a Sunday meeting.*White
*Do an extra job at home without being asked.**Orange

20.*Sing an uplifting song to chase away a bad thought or a bad mood. **Blue
*Try to make someone new feel welcome.**Yellow

21. Admit to your dad or mom that he or she is right.*Purple
*Pray for help to get along better with your dad or mom.**White