Cute handout incentives sayings

*  Personal Progress is like bubbles, it can really lift you up (attached to a bottle of bubbles)
*  Do your Personal Progress and see what develops (attach a piece of undeveloped film to the card)
*  "Shell" we do our Personal Progress (attach a sea shell to the card)
*  Personal Progress can make you glow  (attach to a candle)
*  SHHhhh!   I'm working on my Personal Progress (put it on one of those cards you can hang from your bedroom door)

* "Chews" to do Personal Progress (attach a piece of gum to the card)
* A "Do"Nut can say whatever you want. Do Not Forgets are the best.
* Try Gummie Bears with "We are 'beary' proud" of your goals achieved in Personal Progress.
*Get hooked on Personal Progress! (attach Swedish Fish)
*"Chip" in and do your Personal Progress - or Personal Progress: CHIP in and do your part (bag of chips)
*Rise to the top by doing your Personal Progress. (Balloon)
*Personal Progress can be SEW much fun. (Needle and Thread)
*Pencil in a time for Personal Progress. (Attached to a pencil)
*Completing your goals reflects your individual worth. (Mirror)
*Just popped by to remind you to do your Personal Progress. (Microwave popcorn)
*Reaching your goals is a piece of cake. (Could use cake mix or something)
*Completing your goals is as easy as pie (piece of pie)
*You'd have to be NUTS not to do your PP. (Bag of mixed nuts)
*Discover your potential and do your PP (magnifying glass or toy telescope)
*Have a ball doing your personal progress (giant gum ball or small bouncy ball)
*Stick to your goals (Stickers or gum)
*Making goals can CHANGE your life (Chocolate coins)
*Push forward and complete your personal progress (Candy pushpop)
*Do Personal Progress and SHINE (candle)
*Let your true colors show with Personal Progress (crayons)
*Make time for PP. (Candy watch)
*Brush up on your PP (Toothbrush or doll brush)
*Just a reminder to do your PP (Sticky reminder notes)
*PP is a bright idea! (Candle or small flashlight)
*Polish up on your goals. (Fingernail polish)
*Whistle while you work and do PP (candy whistle)
*Here's a tip: Do your Personal Progress (pencil)
*Completing your goals is worth more than a grand (100 grand candy bar)
*Do something with BLOOM and give a flower
*Say something like: " Create fun memories with PP" and do something with a Scrapbook page.
*Talk about them being a sweetheart and give Sweetarts
*Do a cute lion punchart and say something like "I'm not LION when I say Personal Progress is fun"
*Complete "Here's the scoop: " and give with ice cream. - this would be good at an activity.


little frames "Frame your Life with Values"


I have used several of these ideas... but one thing I find successful...
whenever I do a cute handout for the girls... I try to also do one for the
Moms... I usually do a twist on whatever I have done for the girls.  Since
we are trying to motivate the girls... I figure we need to motivate the Moms
since they are the ones who should be working with and motivating their