Teaching Divine Nature

Teaching Divine Nature

BTW, one thing that always comes to my mind on Divine Nature is something I heard John Bytheway say – and I don’t know how you’d display it, but it’s a neat idea. He talked about people who have done their genealogy back for generations and generations and have a pedigree chart as long as they are tall. Then he held up an index card and said our spiritual genealogy fits on the card. It starts with our name and only has Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. That’s where we get divine nature.

DIVINE NATURE – Bring a vine of some kind, with fake fruit hanging off of it made of construction paper.  Write a quality that someone could have on each paper.  Display it then say “I brought Di- Vine to show you your nature!” Have them pick one off and explain that each of us have these qualities we just need to recognize them in ourselves.  Our Personal Progress goals will help us to do this. 

(Handout – Grapes, slip of paper says “Bear the fruit of your Divine Nature”

Show pictures of a butterfly in its different stages (caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly). Discuss the various stages that a butterfly goes through. Tell the class that we do not understand how these changes take place but we do know the end result. Explain that we are like the caterpillar and that we have the potential of becoming like Heavenly Father.  We may not understand how it takes place, but we know the end result. Discuss what could keep a caterpillar from becoming a butterfly and compare that with what can keep us from becoming like Heavenly Father.

Our YW president taught the lesson on Divine Nature and she had all of us call the moms of the girls we were over and ask them to tell us what they thought their daughters’ divine gifts were.  We did this over the phone and then wrote them out on a pretty card for them.  She wrapped all of the cards up in one box and they were the handout.  I think the girls liked getting these and it was good for the parents to do it too and have to think
about what her good qualities were.  Judy

We decided to have a selection of hats that would illustrate all the roles they may play throughout their lives.  We thought to have young women come up to model each and explain the value of each role.  Then, we were going to talk about the same hat that everyone wears all the time, all throughout life and eternity – and that is the hat (crown) of a daughter of God.  Because we wear that hat (crown) we are of incalculable, infinite worth.

I had to explain where my spiritual thought came from.  I retold the scene where Flick tries to explain (pretending the rock is a seed), that everything the seed needs to become a big tree is already contained in the seed (with sunshine and rain). 

I pointed out that our YW Theme indicates our divine roles (daughters, strengthening our home & family, and and participate in temple ordinances like temple marriage)   I explained to the girls, that they  have inherited many divine qualities in order to fulfill our divine roles (wife, mother, teacher).  But we’re still developing and acquiring these qualities through our obedience, education, talents, service, gospel study, etc.  (refer to the DN scripture).

I made the gift tags with cardstock, glittered snowflakes, and blue ribbon.  (The snowflakes are sort of symbolic of how every one is different, but also a seasonal/hurmorous injection because we got a several feet of snow last month.  The most we’ve had in about 6 years).  On the tags, I think I printed: (I didn’t get to save one for myself and I guess I forgot to save the poem on my computer).

Divine Nature~
Gifted from your Father in Heaven above,
For you to nurture with tender love,
And someday you’ll see,
Beauty is what HE intended you to be.

(Lisa Wintrode)