Faith Activities

Faith Activities

Faithwalk & Skit for 2000 Girls Camp


Start with all the girls together in the “pre-existence”.  In comes “Father”.

FATHER:  I’m so glad you’re all here.  Now we can get started.  Please be seated.”
        YW quiet down and take seats

FATHER:  ” I hope you know how much your Mother and I love each of you.  We want you to continue to learn and grow so that you may become like us someday.  The only way to accomplish this is to send you away to a new world where you will be schooled and tested.  You know that we have always allowed you make your own choices.  This time is no different.  You will have to make the decision whether to do what we ask but you can not progress any further by staying here.  I must caution you that the way will not be easy.  Your mother and I will always be available to you.  You will never be alone.  We will send you blessings and send others to help you as well.  However, unless you prove yourselves valiant you will never be able to return to live with us again.

ALTRUM:  “Father, Send me and I will be a light and example.  I will help any of those who make mistakes and want to repent.  Through my sacrifice they will be made clean and be able to return to you.”

ZYNOCK:  “Father, send me.  I will force my brothers and sister to make right choices.  Then not one soul will be lost.”

FATHER:  “I will send the first.”

ZYNOCK:  “How many of you are going to stand for this?  My way is the only one that makes sense.  I will make sure you will return.  Can’t you see that?  Choose me!”

KIANA: “Oh Sabina, I don’t know who to follow.  Zynock has always been so much fun and I know he loves us. I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough to always make right choices.  It would be so much easier his way.”

SABINA:  “Don’t say that Kiana!  We’ve learned enough here to know that the easiest way is not always the right way.  Please choose Father’s plan.  Altrum has always been true and I know we can count on him. I’ll be there to help you too.”

FATHER:  “It is time.  You must now choose whether to follow my plan with the help of Altrum or go with Zynock.  Please make your choice now.”

Let people choose.  Plan ahead to have some of the YW go with Zynock.  Kiana moves to Altrum’s side and motions Sabina to follow.

FATHER: (sorrowfully) “Zynock, you and your followers must now depart from my presence. forever…”

FATHER:  (have girls sit)  “Now my children, let me give you some final instructions before you leave. Zynock and his followers are going to be jealous of your many blessings, especially your physical body. They will try to get you into trouble.  Sometimes the choices your brothers and sister make bring them, and me, great sorrow.  I hope you can learn from their mistakes and unhappiness so you won’t have to feel the
pain yourself.  Zynock has had a lot of practice at tempting you and having been your brother he knows all about you and your weaknesses.

That is why I will send Altrum to show you the way. Stay close beside your big brother and he will guide and protect you.  He loves you and will always be faithful.  Now go.  Learn all you can while you are away, for you can not learn these lessons any other
way or time.  You are mine.  You are of me.  Return with honor.”

MOTHER:  “My daughters.  You were wise to follow your Father’s plan.   The way will not be easy and there are many dangers ahead.  But fear not, you will be closely protected.  It is important that you follow the rules given to you for your safety.  It will be
necessary to place a veil of forgetfulness over your eyes. (show head wrap)   If you were to remember your life here with Father and I the way would be too easy and there would be no test involved.

1)      Once your veil is in place please remain seated. If at any time your veil slips, please keep your eyes closed and someone will help put it back on you.
2)      There is to be NO TALKING at any time.
3)      Your guardians will come and lead you to your group.  Please join hands and you will be told what sound to listen for.  These sounds can be clicking sticks, snapping fingers, tongue clucks, etc.  These will point the way you should go.
4)      Follow only the sound given to your group.  You may hear other sounds but do not be deceived into following them.
5)      Help the people on each side of you.
6)      Be aware that at some point, each of you will have the opportunity to lead your group.

Now my daughters.  Find joy in your journey.  Listen to the promptings you receive and the whisperings of the spirit that remind you of your noble birth.  Be loyal to the royal!

The YW are then blindfolded and do a blind obstacle course that will take them to the Vespers for the Rayad skit by the YCL’s.

Once the YW are blindfolded have them join hands in groups of no more than 6.  Each group will listen for their “sound” to follow.  Could be hand clap, finger snap, tongue click, etc.  They must follow only their sound through the obstacles, eventually making their way to the Vespers for the Rayad skit by the YCL’s.

OBSTACLE IDEAS:                         (should last approx 10 min)
        Rope ? make them go over
        Over/under tables
        Over rocks/logs, ledges, bridges, etc.
Person making sound can change directions, pause, pass near other group forcing them to listen for their sound.

For each group we need
1)      leader making noise
2)      someone to follow in the rear
3)      runner to move leader to tail, moves up and down line.

Leader should direct each team.  Have all guardians watch for any of the following:
1)       someone helping someone else
2)      difficult situations the yw worked through
3)      have guardians give pats on the back as assurances of them doing something right or good.
4)      Guardians NEVER speak.
5)      Come to Vespers area when you hear the music.

After the allotted time seat the YW in the vespers area.  When the YCL’s are ready for the skit they can take off blindfolds.

NARRATOR:  “Welcome to Rayad –  A beautiful kingdom where people live happily – sharing and caring about each other.  Life is good here.  There are only a few things you need to watch out for ? specifically eating chocolate cake and wearing the color red.  If any Rayadite eats chocolate cake or wears red, his spirit becomes weakened and he cares less about himself and the rules of the kingdom.
        Unfortunately an evil presence has invaded this happy kingdom.  Zynock!  He hates the Rayadite people for being happy and loving, for that makes it harder to influence them.  He wants to destroy all of them and their future.  He knows just what weakens their spirits and makes them easy to capture. Ah, here he comes now with his evil henchman.”

ZYNOCK:  “As I was saying, I know the Rayadites are foolish but I can’t just offer them chocolate cake and have them devour it.  Nor can I make the most wonderful garment in bright red and expect them to wear it immediately.  No, the Rayadites want to be good and strong.  They’ve promised that they will help and strengthen each other in times or need.  So how can I weaken this people?  How can I get them to succumb to me so I can destroy them and this whole kingdom.
        Let’s see.I can’t get them to each chocolate cake right off, but maybe I can get them to develop a taste for chocolate.”

NARRATOR:  “That’s when chocolate chip cookies were introduced to the kingdom of Rayad.  At first he cookies were ignored and scoffed at.  Then some commercial and billboards were produced that showed handsome, wonderful-looking Rayadites eating chocolate chip cookies.”

Insert billboards and a commercial with YCL’s here.

NARRATOR:  “It wasn’t long before a few Rayadites could be seen eating a chocolate chip cookie every now and then, and they seemed to be doing fine.  They were still loving and caring and hadn’t changed at all ? so it seemed.”

ZYNOCK: “Oh, yes!  Things are going too well.  The advertisements showing people become more popular and sophisticated are amazingly convincing.  So many people are trying the cookies that I think it’s time to double the portion of chocolate chips.  Just listen to them.”

R1: “I thought we weren’t suppose to eat chocolate chip cookies.”
R2: “Well, the cookie is really good except for a couple of places where it tastes pretty chocolatey.
But don’t miss the cookie for just those few places. It’s too good a cookie and you can overlook the taste.
R3:  “Everyone is doing it.  Just once won’t hurt.  It won’t ruin your life if you just try it.”

NARRATOR:  “That was true.  Lives didn’t seem to be ruined by chocolate chip cookies.  Things were pretty much the same as usual.  However, some of the teachers
and leaders and parents in Rayad suggested avoiding the cookies because tastes for chocolate were being developed.

R4:  “Avoid the cookies?  What for?”
R5:  “What’s wrong with them?  It’s not like we’re eating chocolate cake!

NARRATOR:  “Some who refused to eat the cookies were even laughed at and made fun of.”

R6:  “Can you believe those losers?  They won’t even watch someone take a bite of a cookie.”
R7:  “I heard they won’t even go to places that serve cookies!”

ZYNOCK:  laughing “Do you see that?  I had no idea my plan would work so well.  This is wonderful.  I don’t care how long it takes to destroy Rayad and these people, just so long as they are destroyed.  My patience is paying off but it’s time to move ahead in
my plan.”

HENCHMAN: “Aren’t you worried about those words of caution and counsel from the leaders?”

ZYNOCK: “Not at all.  My commercials are so enticing that the Rayadites don’t see through the lies.  In fact, I think it’s time to introduce a new product of destruction.
HENCHMAN:  “Chocolate cake?”

ZYNOCK:  “No, not chocolate cake.  Not quite yet. Rather, let’s offer the Rayadites spice cake, white cake, yellow cake, carrot cake, any kind of cake but chocolate ?  all with chocolate frosting.  Rich chocolate frosting.  More commercials, more billboards, a few songs to hum and sing all day about how wonderful chocolate cake would be, althought
they’re not eating it —YET!  Get them thinking about it before they will actually succomb.

NARRATOR:  “Then in the kingdom of Rayad you could hear.”

KIANA:  “Have you tried that yellow cake with the chocolate frosting?”

SABINA:  “Well, no.  Is it good?”

KIANA:  “Oh yes!  Granted it’s chocolately, but it’s not chocolate cake.  And it really doesn’t have much more chocolate than those cookies we’ve been eating.”

SABINA:  “But the cake doesn’t seem right.  I mean cookies are one thing, but cake?”

KIANA:  “Oh come on!  The important thing is the chocolate, and this is no more than you’ve already been eating.  Everybody’s eating it.  You can’t pass it up and be the only one left out.”

SABINA:  “I know, but I don’t feel good about eating the cookies.  I’ve decided not to do that anymore.  I think we should listen to our parents and leaders.  I know that Altrum has never even tasted chocolate.  If he can resist, then we can too.

KIANA:  “I wish I was more like you.  It’s so hard for me sometimes.  You help me see I should keep my standards high.  I’m going to try and stay away from chocolate too.”

NARRATOR:  “In the mean time, the songs were subtly strumming away in the background, singing the praises of chocolate cake.  Right, the words were not good,
but the beat and the rhythm were so cool that many Rayads listened just for the music.  After all, what can music do?

Insert a tune about chocolate cake here.

ZYNOCK:  “I’ve been thinking..One thing that strengthens those Rayadites is when they are together, sharing and talking to each other.  What can I do about that?  Let me think. Well, it’s all right for them to be together.  In fact, maybe there is some way I could use their gatherings and parties for my purposes.  Aha!  I’ve got it”

NARRATOR:  “So parties in Rayad began changing. Instead of the Rayadites talking to each other and playing games so they could get to know one another and share their strengths and talents, a new trend began.  Everyone who was anyone had the new kind of

R8:  “You should come to one of our new cool parties. It isn’t like any other party you’ve been to.  All we do is sit and watch stuff on the screen.”
R9:  “Stuff on the screen?  Like what?”
R8:  “Oh, exciting, scary stuff that’s pretty good. There are a few scenes showing people eating chocolate cake, but it’s no big deal.”
R9:  People eating chocolate cake!  But.”
R8:  Oh, it’s not that bad, and besides, there’s nothing anymore without a little bit of that.  It’s just fun to get together with your friends.”

NARRATOR:  “So Zynock stood back and watched his plot unfold.”

ZYNOCK:  “Let’s see now.  They’re eating chocolate and they’re eating cake.  They’re listening to songs and watching movies about chocolate cake.  They’re becoming weaker and weaker, although they’re not even aware of it yet because they haven’t actually eaten
chocolate cake.  They talk about it, make jokes aboutit, but they haven’t eaten it ? yet!  They are falling into my trap!  They think their leaders and parents are square and stuffy.  It’s very helpful when their friends tell them what I want them to hear.  Friends are my greatest asset!”

R10:  “Hey, have you seen the latest movie?”
R11:  “No, I thought it was C-rated, for chocolate.”
R10:  “No it isn’t.  It’s R-rated for red.  There’s no chocolate in it.”

NARRATOR:  “And so Zynock continues his plotting ? this time manufacturing a gorgeous garment, but not in red.not yet.  It’s a luscious pink color..”

The play will end and then we will have a discussion time where we can discuss the parallels of the kingdom of Rayad to our earth life.  Discuss the veil of forgetfulness that is not between earth and the pre-existence, but perhaps more on our own foreheads ?
where we are the ones who have forgotten and put up obstacles, not Father.

The course we made was rather difficult with a criss-crossing ropes, and obstacles to get over along the way.

When you start the girls, blindfold them, tell them that the rope is the iron rod, then give them a raw egg in the other hand and tell them that this represents everything they hold precious and dear, and to never let go of it.

As the girls traveled along, they had “angels” to direct them (We used the Bishopric and another brother who was there with us)  We had 2 good and 2 bad.  The good ones would just encourage the girls the whole time and make sure they were okay, the bad ones tried to get the egg from the girls by saying things like, “this next part is really hard, let me hold that (the egg) for you while you go and I’ll give it back after”.   They would also
turn the girls around, or tell them that they knew a shortcut and if the girls would go with them, they’d take them to the beginning again.  Some of the time the bad one’s would tell the truth, in fact, most of the time they would, so that they could build confidence with the girls (just like Satan) then they would zap them with a lie.

At the end, the rope lead to me (YW pres.) and I hugged each girl as they came and told them they did wonderful, and welcomed them home.  We then took the girls over to a place where there was some uplifting music playing while they waited quietly for the others to finish.  We then discussed the many object lessons to be learned from this, and that lead into our testimony meeting.

I had my leaders go through it also, and they loved it.  They had some great insights because they had gone through it, and we had some from just watching as the girls would hold that egg so close. . . .

We didn’t tell them that the egg was raw.  Yes one girl dropped her egg, and she was distressed.  This led to a great object lesson about how we would feel if we lost the things that are most precious to us. Actually, the bishop “Satan’s helper” used that to get eggs from the other girls. He would say: “Jessica dropped her egg, you’re almost done, would you give her yours?”  and as they were thinking about it, he would ask, “Are you thinking only about yourself?”  This led into the discussion that sometimes we think we are doing good things, joining a good cause, but if we don’t keep our priorities straight, we may loose the things that are most precious to us.

When they were led astray Satan’s helpers could take the egg, sometimes they returned it, sometimes they didn’t.  More object lessons.

We had several girls on the course at the same time BUT they couldn’t talk to each other.  Start them out a couple of yards from each other.

Don’t focus on the girls that gave up their egg, don’t make them feel bad. Just focus on what things ARE dear and precious to us.  Use some of the tactics that your Satan’s helpers used and apply them to how Satan works on us.

We had a group of about 40 girls, it took longer than I thought it would. The girls that went through first had to wait quite a while quietly listening to music, and then they got restless.  I would suggest that if you have a bigger group, about half way have them start singing softly together.  We did this and it was so neat to hear them singing I am a child
of God as we joined them.

Oh, if you will be using your leaders as the angels, have them go through it first, so that they can understand the feelings that the girls will be experiencing.  I sent my leaders with the girls, and they really enjoyed having that experience.

I have done this in a training and I’ve also assisted others while they were in training and so I’ll tell you my experience.
Before the walk, we were circled up and asked to think of the most precious thing in our lives. (Let each girl decide that for herself) Then we were told these rules:

1)This is a silent event,

2) do not let go of the iron rod,

3) when you come to the end of the iron rod, reach out.

These rules were stated this simply three times with nothing else said. Then we were all blindfolded and led by a leader to the rope and our hand placed on it. Yes, we were spaced to start with, but that really doesn’t matter after a while, because each one will do it at their own pace. Then at a specific point, when we reached it, we were quietly stopped, then we were asked what that precious thing was we thought of before starting. The egg was then placed in our hand and we were told this represented that thing and told to keep it safe. Yes, the egg was raw and if it broke, we were asked at the end to consider what that meant to us. There were some that got broken and that’s okay, it’s part of the learning. We were then allowed to proceed. After this point, we were left alone for the most part. Occasionally someone would try to steal the egg. I was very untrusting and would not let anyone take my egg from me, even if they had a good reason. Some people were more willing and they learned something different from me. Oh, I forgot to mention that the last one put on the rope is told that they are the last and to make sure everyone else makes it home. When I got to the end of the rope, which was not tied to anything, I at first just sat on the ground. Someone came up and asked me what I was doing? They then asked me what the last rule was, and when I remembered I reached out and was given a big hug and told “Welcome home” I was then led over to where others were and helped to sit down and my hand placed in the person’s next to me. No music was playing yet. Our blindfold’s were left on and we just sat there crying and supporting each other. Then when we were all there the song, “If We Hold On Together” was played. We were then told to remove our blindfolds and asked to share what we had learned. This is really important, because each one had their own experience.

You could choose a different song, one more fitting to your theme, it should be by the spirit though. This is a very powerful way to make a difference in the lives of the girls, but you need to let them experience it in their own way. If you see some one has gotten turned around and is going the wrong way, see if you can turn them around, but let that last girl do it if possible, even if you have to remind her of what she was told. If you are assisting, do not just grab them at the end of the rope, wait for them to reach out. This is their experience. Let them have it with as little interference as possible from you. It is
sometimes very hard to watch, but each of the girl’s will remember this forever and will find they are stronger for it. Do watch out for the girls, that no one gets hurt, but don’t hover! We were given helmets to wear, which helps protect from any head injuries.
If you have any more questions, I’d be glad to help.

One more thing I forgot to mention, set a time limit, even if they’re not all done. Take their hand and lead them to the circle. It’s just part of their experience.

Debbie Gardner
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Faith Walk

Faith is a process.  Each commandment we keep, each service we perform, each scripture we read, increases our faith.  This activity will give a little insight into how often we really must “walk by faith” while we are here on earth.

What do you do for exercise?  Probably the usual activities:  walking, jogging, baseball, basketball, aerobics, etc.  Tell about which particular muscle or group of muscles the activity strengthens.  Talk about how each activity builds and maintains muscles.
 1.  What else should we exercise?  Faith
 2. How will exercise help faith?  It will strengthen it and help it grow and become stronger.
 3. In what different ways do we exercise our faith?  Go to meetings, hold church calling, pay tithing bear testimony, etc.

After discussing faith, invite them to join in the activity that will help everyone build and maintain their faith.

Copy verse below.  Roll verse into a scroll and tie with bright colored ribbon.

I said to the man who stood at the gate,
“Give me a light that I may tread safely into
the unknown,”  And the man replied, “Go
forth in the darkness and put your hand into
the hand of God, which shall be better than a
light and safer than a known way.
   Author unknown

Line them up in groups of 6 or 7, with the one behind resting their hand on the shoulder of the one in front. Each group is led by a leader who is blindfolded.  They are instructed
that they cannot speak, but must be very perceptive as to whether the person in front is stepping up or down or turning, etc. Have enough leaders go along to assist in replacing hands that fall, and in making sure the all goes well,  Silence is important.  No one
must talk.

The youth are led around in different directions.  Then they are led to a secluded area.  After walking around a few minutes, they are all gathered about 20-25 yards from a light.  Separate them from each other, by 5-6 yards.  They are told to find their way home, and to take someone else with them . . . because they cannot go alone.  A man with a strong voice, standing under the light, begins singing . . “Come, Follow Me”, he keeps singing until everyone is gathered.  The youth find their way, still blindfolded, towards the voice.  As they bump into each other, they hold onto each other until they are stopped by a leader, a few feet from the singer.  After they are all gathered around the light,
listening to the voice, they are told to remove their blindfolds.

How did you feel when you lost your way and lost contact with the person in front of you? 

How did you feel when someone took your hand and replaced it so that you were in contact again?
How did you feel when you didn’t know for sure whether to step up or down, or which direction to take? 

What were your feelings when you bumped into someone else and you were able to proceed together, instead of alone?
What were your feelings when you removed your blindfold and found that you were with a close friend, or a sister, or even someone you didn’t know very well?

Finishes with a few remarks on how this Faith Walk is very much like our walk through life.  We walk by faith.  Have everyone sing together, “Come Follow Me”.

Debbie Gardner
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Hold To The Rod Faithwalk

Home is a place you live or a place of origin where you want to return. When we say that there is “no place like home” we could be referring to the place you live here on earth with all its comforts.  Yet, we realize that the ultimate home is our true home ? the place we lived with our Heavenly Father and Mother before we came to earth.  We all have times that we yearn for that perfect environment when we were back with our Heavenly parents.  This is the place that we want to return.because there really is no other place we want to live, and the only place that we can find a true fullness of joy.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wanted to return home.  She was told to follow the yellow brick road and it would guide her on her journey home.  We too have been given a path to guide us on our journey home.

We are told in the Book of Mormon about a path leading to our true home and eternal life.  Two prophets, Lehi and his son Nephi described this path they saw in vision.  This vision helps to fix in our minds and hearts the destination ? the tree of life, eternal life, the perfect “love of God”.

Sariah:  I am Sariah, and once lived upon this land with my family.  My husband was Lehi, a prophet, who brought our family here from Jerusalem shortly before it was destroyed 600 years before Christ was born in Bethlehem.  Lehi received guidance from the Lord in teaching our people the gospel, often in the form of visions or dreams.  One night stands out from all the rest, a vision that my son Nephi was also privileged to

Lehi:  “I beheld myself that I was in a dark and dreary waste.  And after I had traveled for the space of many hours in darkness I began to pray unto the Lord.

Sariah:  Prayer was a constant in Lehi’s vision.  He received understanding as he moved along and after he prayed for help.  Nephi’s understanding of the vision came also after he had prayed to know what his father Lehi had seen.  He asked to see, hear and know, by the power of the Holy Ghost.  It is my prayer that you will also ask to see, hear and know under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost the meaning of the things you will see as you travel your path.

Lehi:  “And it came to pass after I had prayed unto the Lord I beheld a large and spacious field.  I beheld a path, which led to a tree whose fruit was desirable to make one happy.  Beside the path was a rod of iron.”

Sariah:  This staff represents the rod of iron seen in Lehi’s dream. Its purpose was to safeguard and guide those who trusted in it.  I invite you to join me in a walk where portions of Lehi’s dream will be portrayed as if seen in your day.  Like the people seen in the Lehi’s vision, if you will hold to the rod firmly you will travel safely until we reach our destination.

Please do not speak as we go.
The YW will leave from the campfire in units of not more than 13.  They will be escorted down a hill to a clearing where their “Sariah” awaits them..

Sariah is the only person in each group with a flashlight.  She leads the way as the others follow, holding to the rod.  The spot for each scene will be marked by a white tie around a tree, placed so it can be clearly seen by the leader.

Important: To prevent one group from overtaking another while traveling through the course, a signal will be given to Sariah indicating that she may take her group forward to the next scene.  A player in each scene will be equipped with a flashlight and will step onto the path and give “Sariah” the signal when the previous group has moved on.  The player should wait for a signaled response before moving back into place. Should there be no response, the oncoming group is not finished and the player waits for Sariah’s signal, which is returned, and moves back into place.  These sites will be visited, not necessarily in order to facilitate moving as many groups through at a time.

THE MISTS OF DARKNESS..(1 Nephi 8:23-25)

Sariah brings the group to this point in silence.  The group leaves the trail and enters a small clearing.  4-6 players dressed in dark clothing surround the clearing.  Each holds a flash fixture to a 35mm camera. The group stands still.  It is dark and silent.  Slowly, and quietly at first, the players begin to whisper “stupid”, “you are such a jerk.”, “who’d want to be your friend?”, etc.  The pace quickens and becomes more urgent.  After a minute or two of this the whispering subsides and the lead player says softly. “We know how to help you.”  Another says, “We can help you feel better.”  At this point the lead player aims his camera flash skyward and sets it off.  All other player follow suit. The light briefly reveals a table covered in black on which drug paraphernalia and liquor bottles are displayed.  They are seen so briefly so as to seem only a suggestion or vision.  The whispers resume, this time more insidious.”You can’t do it.”  “You’ll never make it”,
“Who cares, who cares, who cares” The flashing sequence is done again, this time accompanied by the sounds of wind and thunder.  This is followed by immediate silence.

After a pause Sariah explains.
This is symbolic of the mist of darkness seen in Lehi’s dream.  These mists “are the temptations of the devil, which blindeth the eyes and hardeneth the hearts of the children of men, and leadeth them away into broad roads, that they perish and are lost.”  Lehi saw that many who commenced on the path did lose there way because of the mist.  Others
came forward and caught hold of the rod of iron and did press forward through the mist of darkness, clinging to the rod of iron, even until they did come forth and partake of the fruit of the tree. After they had partaken of the fruit of the tree, some cast their eyes
about as if they were ashamed.

As you see, partaking of the fruit is not enough.    When Satan was cast out of Heaven for rebelling against God, he vowed to destroy God’s plan by destroying God’s children.  As the second coming of Jesus Christ draws nearer Satan knows his time of temptation is nearly at an end. Sustained by hatred, he is determined to take you away from the path
that would lead you home.  Discouragement, depression and a feeling of worthlessness are some of his weapons when not stopped these feelings lead to alcohol and drug abuse, perhaps also immorality or suicide.  You must hold fast to the iron rod, which is the word of God ? the scriptures ? so you do not lose your way in the mists of darkness.

Sariah then steps onto the path and gives the flashlight signal.  If it’s answered, they move on.  If not, she waits for a signal from ahead.when it comes and she answers they move on.


A few steps down the path they meet an innocent looking woman holding a tray of “REFRESHMENTS”.  She invites them to have some.  She is standing far enough off the path that they must let go of the rod if they are to have any.  The cookies and punch will be made without sugar; the donuts will be powdered with cornstarch, so that anyone tasting them will be disappointed.

If anyone lets go of the rod to partake, Sariah will encourage her to return and take hold again.  Then Sariah speaks.

This is the dark and dreary waste.  In the gospel sense, darkness ? the opposite of light- reigns where there is ignorance, sin and apostasy. Light is of God, darkness of the devil; Christ is the true light, Lucifer the fountain of gross darkness.  By following Christ, and
keeping the commandments, you have power to chase darkness from your midst and come to the fullness of light.

Some of the things the world has to offer you are not bad.  However, if in getting these things you sacrifice your own standards you will find they are not what you dreamed they would be.  Your new prize is empty, or even bitter and you are far from the safety of the rod.


Sariah stops at a COURTROOM SCENE ahead.

There is a judge and a man and woman.  The group of young women moves into position as though they were spectators in a courtroom. The scene begins as the judge brings down the gavel.

Judge: “The Court will now hear the suit for Divorce, Jones vs. Jones. Plaintiffs will represent themselves in this case.  The court will first hear from Thomas Jones.”
Mr. Jones:  (begins a tirade against his wife.  He is selfish, he is personal.)

“My wife only thinks of herself.  She spends her days at the gym and shopping to look good.  She complains that I’m always gone to work yet she never thinks we have enough money.  She complains that she has to take the children to all their activities, lessons, sports and yet they are brats and don’t appreciate any of it.  Where do you think they learned that?!  I can hardly stand to be in the same room with her and want to be free.  I can’t believe I ever loved someone like her.
Judge: “The Court will now hear from Emily Jones.”
Mrs. Jones:  (she arises and begins to refute his comments.)
“Yes, I do spend a lot of time at the gym and shopping but that is because you expect me to be beautiful.  You’re always looking at other women and comparing me to them.  You’re never home to help with the kids and I’ve had to start to work too just so I can pay for all their lessons, cheerleading and sports camps, their Nintendo games and toys and their expensive clothes and shoes.  I’m never home because if I want any money for myself I’ve got to earn it.  You, on the other hand, never help with the house or the kids and the whole mess it left to me while you go off to your job, or to your sporting events, or hunting.  I hate it.  I hate YOU!”
Mr. and Mrs. Jones argue hatefully.their children are one point of the controversy.  The judge halts things by bringing down the gavel.
Judge:  It is obvious to the court that this divorce should be granted and it is done.  (Brings down the gavel)  It is also obvious to the court that neither of you has the best interest of the children conceived in this marriage at heart.they are therefore wards of the
court with the necessary paperwork to be completed by the State agency for Social Services.  Court is adjourned.”
The Judge brings down the gavel and freezes, the father stands in stunned silence, the mother weeping, “My children, you can’t take my children.”

Sariah speaks.

This scene represents the filthy fountain.  As Satan rages, his influence is felt, even in our homes.  Our homes are not just the place we live, but home is the family itself.  Satan wants to keep destroy our families through selfishness and worldliness.  This is not our Heavenly Father’s way.  Our goal is a home where love abounds because all members
of the family believe and obey the gospel law; one in which the father holds the priesthood, blesses his wife and children and stands as a true patriarch to his posterity; one where there are daily family prayers, where charity, faith and devotion abound; where members keep the commandments and enjoy the outpourings of the spirit.  This family is bound together for eternity by the sealing power of the priesthood found in the temple.  Hold to the rod and everyone here can build a true home for yourself and your posterity through the love of Christ.

Sariah then steps onto the path and gives the flashlight signal.  If it’s answered, they move on.  If not, she waits for a signal from ahead.when it comes and she answers they move on.


Sariah leads the group to the scene.  They remain on the path and backlighting comes up (blue lights) behind the scene.  A building wall will be represented with two windows.  You can see inside.  Several immodestly dressed girls will be bullying an LDS girl to go to a rock concert and rave party (offering alcohol and smoking).  When she resists
they will name call and mock her modest clothing.  Then they will turn and notice the group and start pointing at them and mocking as well.

Sariah speaks:
In Lehi’s dream he saw a large and spacious building.  It was filled with people, both old and young, male and female and they were wearing fine clothes; they were in the attitude of mocking and pointing their fingers towards those who had come at and were partaking of the fruit of the tree.

This building represents the vain imaginations and the pride of the children of men.  As you pass through life Satan will use every influence to persuade you to follow him.  He uses those who follow him to influence others who are trying to keep their hands on the rod. Satan would like you to feel ashamed of your commitment to Christ and the principles of the Gospel.  To stand for righteousness is to be labeled chicken or coward.

For you, this may be your most difficult test right now. Remember that if you choose to stand for truth, others will be brave enough to join you and you will not be alone. Let your influence be felt; don’t give in to the empty insults of your peers.  In reaching out to help others, remember to keep your other hand on the rod that keeps you safe.

The backlighting fades and they are left again in darkness.  Sariah then steps onto the path and gives the flashlight signal.  If it’s answered, they move on.  If not, she waits for a signal from ahead.when it comes and she answers they move on.


Sariah leads the group to the scene.  Need to think of one.

Sariah speaks:
This is the terrible gulf that divides the righteous from the wicked. It is symbolic of hell, or the place inhabited by wicked spirits. Included among those wicked spirits are those involved in sex sins, liars, the rich who will not help the poor, those who are unkind to
their fellow men, the proud and all those who do wickedly.  One of Satan’s latter-day tricks is to persuade men that there is neither a devil nor a hell and that the fear of eternal torment is baseless (the eat, drink and be merry syndrome).  The Lord has told us that at death those who are filthy shall be filthy still; wherefore they shall go on forever in the hell that is prepared for them.

However, Christ holds the keys of hell and death and can control them. He has the power to save and redeem all men from hell.  This he does on conditions of repentance and obedience to his laws.

If you find yourself in need of repentance, return quickly, take a firm hold of the rod, and remember there is always a way back.  Satan would have you forget that repentance is available to you.  Remember Jesus suffered so we might repent and try again. it is his gift to us, so use it.

The backlighting fades and they are left again in darkness.  Sariah then steps onto the path and gives the flashlight signal.  If it’s answered, they move on.  If not, she waits for a signal from ahead. when it comes and she answers they move on.


Sariah leads the group to the scene.  Perhaps a video showing TV clips and then cutting to President Hinckley in a conference setting.

This represents the large and spacious field in Lehi’s vision.  The field is symbolic of the world.  After Lehi had partaken the fruit of the tree he cast his eyes around to look for his family.  He saw us standing as if we knew not whither we should go.  He beckoned unto us and said in a loud voice that we should come unto him, and partake of the fruit, which was desirable above all other fruit.  Nephi, Sam and I did come and partake of the fruit also.  Laman and Lemuel, my other sons, saw us but would not come and partake of the fruit.  This caused much grief to our family.

Just as Lehi was our prophet and gave us instructions to obtain eternal life, you have living prophets and teachers today who are counseling you.  You must listen to their message.  Cling to the rod and you will arrive safely.


Sariah takes the group toward the TREE OF LIFE but stops before reaching it..  Sariah speaks.
Behold, the tree of life.  The fruit of this tree will fill your soul with exceeding great joy and is desirable above all other fruit.  The tree and its fruit represent the Love of God.  With all the strength I possess I encourage you to remember what you have seen and heard with me tonight.

The YW should be taken to the amphitheatre to sit quietly waiting for the other groups to arrive.  There is to be no talking.  When all the groups arrive Lehi or Nephi (dressed in white ? hopefully stake presidency) will address the group.

In my vision it was revealed that the fruit of the tree represents the love of God and was more desirable than any other fruit.  Nothing will startle you more when you pass through the veil to the other side than to realize how well we know our Heavenly Father and how familiar his face is to us.  Each and every one of you is well acquainted with God, our Heavenly Father.  There is not a soul of you but what has lived in his house and dwelt with him year after year.  You have merely forgotten what you did know.  But he has not forgotten you.  He is thinking of you, hoping the highest for you and simply loving you.  Decide tonight that you will do everything in your power to return to live with him.

The home we want to return to is the celestial kingdom.  It is where you want your family and friends to be.  It is where you will all want to be together.  Dorothy’s yellow brick road was paved with individual bricks.  Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz always had the power within herself to return home, you too have the power to return to your heavenly home.  Your power is knowledge, testimony and obedience to the gospel.  As you use this power to return to the presence of our Savior and Heavenly Father you will be able to put your arms around them and tell them: There’s no place like home!

I encourage each of you to come to the tree and partake of a reminder of this special evening.  The beautiful white crystals are symbolic of the white fruit on the tree of life.  The heart shape is to remind you of God’s love for us, and his commitment to us.  We belong to him, and he will never fail us.

A crystal takes white light and separates it into the colors of the rainbow. causing a beautiful reflection for all to see.  If we will take into our lives, the young women’s values and live them, then we, like a beautiful crystal, will reflect the light of faith, even the light of Christ in our lives.  Ask the YW to make a personal commitment to live, as Christ would have them live.

Debbie Gardner
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