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Learning about tracking Personal Progress online

We just had a fun combined YW with our girls, we had not been using the online tracking system, so we decided to start, so we needed to teach our Young women and their parents about it. Plus we could push the Personal Progress program.



To learn more about the Personal Progress Tracking online, click here: Young Women Personal Progress online!


It was a bit crazy, but fun.


First off we decorated our room as a cafe (internet cafe), I made a sign for the door (on the right)


We used round tables, set them up with a flower on the table, a few other little things, we had M&M’s and peanuts on each table. We thought of adding table cloths but didn’t……. actually this whole idea of a cafe theme came to us the night before, so it was very last minute and crazy. My great councilor Brooke, just brought her house to the church, she made it feel real warm, with some plants, and pictures, you know how cafe’s are, warm feeling. 🙂


We set up a corner of the room as the counter, we had brownies and cookies, I made Salsa and we had Chips, we also made Orange Julius, you could do smoothie’s instead, we also had water bottles. If it is winter when you doing it, you could do Hot Chocolate. It’s pretty easy, just think of a cafe, like Paradise Bakery and serve what ever you want. We had all the YW leaders wear aprons, they walked around and offered different treats and also helped the girls and their parents through the process.


We had a projector set up and I walked everyone thought the process of registration and log-in and then about using the online tracking system. …. I should say I TRIED to walk everyone through it, it got crazy, some people already had their log-in, and others had a hard time getting online.


OH……….. so we asked everyone to bring a laptop or iPad, Kindle or something like that, if they had one, you can do it on a smart phone, but its not that easy. We had some extra one’s for those that didn’t have one.


We also sent out an email earlier asking everyone to register and log-in, I don’t actually think anyone did it :(, that would have made it faster and easier.


Also about the internet at the church, so I think all Ward buildings have wireless internet, I also think the password is a universal password, but I am not going to give it out here on the website, if you don’t know it, ask your ward leaders they have it. It is not fast internet, and we had a few people who could never get on, I am not sure why they could not, I am not sure if it was their computer our what :(.


About membership numbers, for adults with temple recommends their number is on their temple recommend, and another way to find your kids membership is, if you are a parent, you log into your LDS.ORG account, and you can access your child’s numbers, For more help with logging in and membership numbers click here: Logging on to LDS.ORG


If I had had time I was going to talk about 10 Cool Things You Can Do with an LDS Account


We also handed out this to parents (you can download it here 10 Easy Ways to Help Your Daughter with Personal Progress

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